Excess noise on Dell 2350d and 2350dn laser printers

Excess noise on Dell 2350d and 2350dn laser printers

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot excess noise on Dell 2350d and 2350dn laser printers.

Table of Contents:

  1. Clicking noise when feeding paper
  2. Grinding or squeaking noise

Clicking noise when feeding paper

Clicking sounds when printing are usually caused by incorrectly adjusted paper tray guides or worn/contaminated pickup rollers.

To adjust the paper tray guides:

  1. Remove the paper tray.

    The built in paper tray is shown being pulled forward to remove.

  2. If legal or folio sized paper is being loaded the paper tray must be adjusted to accommodate the larger sheets.
    • Press down on the latch at the rear of the tray.
    • Expand the tray until the extender locks in place.

      A blue plastic latch at the rear of the tray, slightly to the left of centre is indicated.

  3. Move the rear paper guide to the back of the tray.

    A blue plastic latch at the centre rear of the tray in highlighted.

  4. Flex the paper stack back and forth. Straighten the edges on a level surface.

    A stack of paper is shown being flexed and its pages flipped through.

  5. Load the paper with the side to be printed facing down.
  6. Ensure the paper is below the maximum fill line on the side paper guides.

    A detail of the left side paper guide is shown. A horizontal line embossed into the guide shows
	the maximum fill depth. Two triangles are embossed above the line to draw attention to it.

  7. Slide the two side guides and the rear guide until they rest gently against the edges of the paper stack.

    Blue plastic guides at the sides and rear of the paper stack are highlighted. A detail of the rear
	guide indiactes it must be squeezed to release the locking mechanism before moving it.

  8. Replace the paper tray.

    The built in paper tray is shown being pushed back into the printer.

  9. Extend the paper support on the output bin.

    A black plastic flap on top of the printer is shown being unfolded. When unfolded it hangs over the
	 front edge of the printer to support the paper.

To clean, invert or replace the feed rollers:

  1. Switch the printer off.
  2. Remove the paper tray.
  3. Turn the printer on to its side.

    Printer is shown turned on to its left side. A blue palstic tray is visible on the underside

  4. Open the blue plastic duplex tray to expose the pickup assembly. If the duplex tray is opened to 90° it will come loose from its mounting points. Only open the tray as far as is shown.

    The tray is pulled down revealing a T shaped arm with two wheels.

    If the tray becomes detached follow the steps outlined in the following Dell Knowledge Base Article to resolve: Reseat the duplex tray on Dell 2350d and 2350dn laser printers.
  5. Pass the pickup arm through the opening in the duplex tray.

    The arm is shown being passed through an opening in the blue plastic tray.

  6. Peel the rubber tyres off the pickup assembly wheels.

    A rubber tyre, similar to an elastic band is shown being peeled of the rim of the pickup wheel.

  7. Thoroughly clean and dry the tyres before refitting them to the pickup assembly.
  8. If paper feed issues persist after cleaning fit new or known good tyres if available. If no new or known good parts are available turn the tyres inside out to expose a fresh surface to the paper.

    A rubber tyre is shown turned inside out so that the raised treads are on the inside.

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Grinding or squeaking noise

Follow the steps outlined in the following Dell Knowledge Base Article: Clear the paper path on Dell 2350d and 2350dn laser printer

If possible, follow the steps in the following Dell Knowledge Base Article: How to Replace the Toner Cartridge on the 2350d / 2350dn Dell Laser Printers and Replace the imaging drum on Dell 2350d and 2350dn laser printers. Ensure the replacements are either new or parts you know work correctly.

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