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What is AMD LIVE! and How Does it Work? - KB Article - 304603

What is AMD LIVE!?

AMD LIVE! combines leading edge hardware technology with dedicated multimedia software designed to enhance the customer digital experience. With an AMD LIVE! system, you can enjoy your entire collection of movies, TV shows, music, pictures and other digital media files from virtually anywhere. And you can use all the digital electronic gear you already have — from set-top boxes and game consoles, to MP3 players and mobile phones — to access and share your collections.

For systems that meet the AMD LIVE! program requirements Dell will place the AMD LIVE! logo sticker on the system chassis.

How Do I Know My System Supports AMD LIVE!?

AMD LIVE! compatible systems will ship from Dell with an AMD LIVE! logo on the front of the system. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 - AMD LIVE! Logo

AMD LIVE! systems must meet the following hardware requirements:

NOTE: The hardware requirments for AMD LIVE! are determined by AMD and are subject to change without notice.

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ or higher
  • 1GB DDR2 memory or higher
  • DVD+/-RW
  • 5.1 channel audio or higher
  • The latest graphics technology
  • (6) USB ports, PCIe x16 slot, at least (1) PCI slot, 2x SATA
  • Cool "N" Quiet enabled
  • Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005, Windows Vista capable

NOTE: While the hardware is provided by Dell, the software must be downloaded from the AMD LIVE! website.

Where can I download and find out more information about the AMD LIVE! software suite?

Through alliances with leading software providers, AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite allows you to access, distribute, and enjoy live and pre-recorded TV, music, photos, videos and more, available through the AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite link at

NOTE: All software is supported by the software vendor. Dell technicians and AMD technical support are unable to assist you with the applications below. Please refer to the contact information listed for support information.

NOTE: Some regions and languages may not be supported by all of the software below. Be aware that some releases of the software below may be available in English only. AMD can change the AMD LIVE! software offers at any time. Refer to for the latest software offers and vendor support links.

AMD LIVE! Compress

From the makers of Power Compress, AMD LIVE! Compress enables you to compress the TV shows and movies you have recorded using Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition in order to save space and time.


Download LIVE! Compress Now
Support:On the Web: LIVE! Compress Online Support
By phone: 1-866-488-0792 9am-9pm EST

AMD LIVE! Network MagicAllows you to easily manage, secure and do more with your home network.
Download:Download LIVE! Network Magic Now
Support:On the Web: LIVE! Network Magic Online Support
By phone: 1-888-812-94029am - 5pm PST (M - F) 11am - 4pm PST (S-S)

AMD LIVE! On DemandPowered by Orb extends your entertainment experience to anywhere you are, at home, or on the go! Access and control your live and pre-recorded TV, music, photos, videos and more from virtually any Web connected electronic gadget.
Download: Download LIVE! On Demand Now
Support: On the Web: LIVE! On Demand Online Support

AMD LIVE! LogMeInAllows you to remotely access and control your AMD LIVE! system, get access to content, files, programs, bookmarks, etc., from anywhere, and move media or files between work and home PCs.
Download: Download LIVE! LogMeIn Now
Support: On the Web: LIVE! LogMeIn Online Support
By Phone:
US/Can 1-800-993-1790 9am - 9pm EST (M - F)
International +36 1 413 3780 10am - 10pm CET (M - F)

AMD LIVE! Media VaultPowered by Streamload backs up your digital content collection to a secure online server with 25GB worth of free storage space.
Download: Download LIVE! Media Vault Now
Support: On the Web: LIVE! Media Vault Email Support

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