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How do I resolve the intermittent read and write problems I am experiencing with the Sony CRX 700E 8X CD-RW drive on my Dell Inspiron or Latitude computer? - Technical Tip - 156123

Download and install the updated firmware for the your drive, D7G06706.exe.

Download and install the updated firmware for the your drive, D7G06706.exe, by performing the following steps:

  1. Browse to
  2. Click the link for Downloads.
  3. Search by the exact filename for D7G06706.exe.

    NOTE: For more information about searching for and downloading files from Dell, click the Help link on the Downloads page.

  4. When the File Download window appears, click Save this program to disk.
    The Save As window appears.
  5. In the Save In box, select Desktop and click Save.
  6. On the Desktop double-click the D7G06706.exe icon.
    The Dell Computer Self-Extracting Diskette Set window appears.
  7. Click Setup.
    The Dell Computer Corporation Self-Extracting Diskette Set DOS window appears.
  8. Insert a blank formatted floppy diskette and then press the <Enter> key.
    The message Put a formatted, blank diskette into drive A: and press Enter appears.
  9. Press the <Enter> key.
    The Diskette Image Description appears. At the bottom of the description, The question Do you wish to continue? (y/N) appears.
  10. Press the <Y> key, and then the <Enter> key.
    The diskette is created and the message End of Diskette Set Press Enter appears.
  11. Press the <Enter> key.
  12. If there is a CD in the CDRW drive, remove it.
  13. Close any open applications by clicking the X in the upper right corner of each window.
  14. Click the Start button, click Shut Down, click Shut Down again, and then click OK.
  15. Insert the floppy disk (that you just made from the directions above) into the floppy drive.
  16. Power on the system.

    NOTICE: Make sure that power to the computer is not interrupted during this process, such as is possible during lightning storms or other power outages. Interrupting this process can cause the drive to become non-functional.

    The system will boot to the diskette.
  17. Select option 2 from the menu if you have an Inspiron 8000/8100 or a Latitude C800/810.

    Select option 1 for all other systems and complete the flash.

  18. Remove the floppy diskette from floppy drive and power off the computer.
  19. Restart the computer and test the read and write functions.

When using your Sony CRX 700E 8X CD-RW drive you may experience intermittent read and write failures .

When using your Sony CRX 700E 8X CD-RW drive you may experience intermittent read and write failures with both CD-R and CD-RW media even though commercially produced data and audio CDs work fine.

NOTE: Your drive model number will be listed under the CD section of the Device Manager.

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