How Do I Upgrade To Microsoft® ActiveSync® 3.7.1 For Use With My Dell™ Axim™ Handheld? - KB Article - 178815

How Do I Upgrade To Microsoft® ActiveSync® 3.7.1 For Use With My Dell™ Axim™ Handheld? - KB Article - 178815

Uninstall ActiveSync 3.7

To uninstall ActiveSync 3.7, perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the Axim from the cradle or remove the data cable connection.
    You will be asked to re-seat the Axim into the cradle or to connect the data cable in Section 2.

  2. 单击“Start(开始)”按钮。

  3. 单击“Control Panel(控制面板)”图标。
    出现“Control Panel(控制面板)”窗口。

  4. Click the Add or Remove Programs category.
    屏幕上会出现“Add or Remove Programs(添加或删除程序)”窗口。

  5. Locate the Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7 listing and click to highlight it.

  6. Click the Change/Remove button to begin the uninstallation process.
    出现“Confirm File Delete(确认文件删除)”窗口。

  7. Click the Yes button to completely remove Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7 and all of its components.
    出现“Confirm File Delete(确认文件删除)”窗口。

  8. Click the Yes button to delete the Synchronized File Folders and shortcuts.

  9. After the uninstall process is complete, click the OK button.

  10. 屏幕上会出现“Add or Remove Programs(添加或删除程序)”窗口。

  11. 单击“Start(开始)”按钮。

  12. 用右键单击“My Computer(我的电脑)”图标。
    出现“My Computer(我的电脑)”窗口。

  13. 双击 C驱动器 (C:)。
    出现“CD Properties(光盘属性)”窗口。

  14. Double-click the Program Files folder.
    出现“Downloaded Program Files(已下载的程序文件)”窗口

  15. Right-click the Microsoft ActiveSync folder.

  16. Left-click to select Delete from the listing.
    出现“Confirm File Delete(确认文件删除)”窗口。

  17. 单击“Yes(是)”按钮。

  18. Exit the Program Files window.

  19. From the Desktop, right-click the Recycle Bin icon.

  20. Left-click to select Empty Recycle Bin.
    出现“Confirm File Delete(确认文件删除)”窗口。

  21. Click the Yes button to delete the files.

ActiveSync 3.7 and its associated files and folders have been deleted.

Download and Install the Microsoft® ActiveSync Program


注: Be prepared to re-seat the Axim handheld unit to either the cradle or to the data cable when the Checking COM Ports screen appears in Step 9.

To download and install ActiveSync, perform the following steps:
  1. Navigate to the following Microsoft website:
  2. Click the Download link.
    出现“File Download(文件下载)”窗口。
  3. 单击“Save(保存)”按钮。
    出现“Save As(另存为)”窗口。
  4. Navigate to the location where you would like to save the MSASYNC.EXE file to.


注: It is recommended that this file be saved to your desktop so that it can be easily located.
  1. 单击“Save(保存)”按钮。
    The MSASYNC.EXE window appears.
    将出现“Download complete(下载完成)”窗口。
  2. 单击“Open(打开)”按钮。
    屏幕上会出现“Copying Files(复制文件)”窗口。
    The Set Up Microsoft® ActiveSync® screen appears.
  3. 单击“Next(下一步)”按钮。
    The Select the Installation Folder screen appears.
  4. 单击“Next(下一步)”按钮。
    屏幕上会出现“Copying Files(复制文件)”窗口。
    The Get Connected screen appears.
  5. 单击“Next(下一步)”按钮。
    The Checking COM Ports window appears.
Checking COM Ports window
  1. At this time, re-seat the Axim handheld unit into the cradle or reconnect the data cable.
    The Set Up A Partnership screen appears.
  2. Verify that Standard Partnership is selected, then click the Next button.
    The Specify how to synchronize data screen appears.
  3. Verify that Synchronize with this desktop computer is selected, then click the Next button.
    The Select Number of Partnerships screen appears.
  4. Verify that Yes, I want to synchronize with only this computer is selected, then click the Next button.
    The Select Synchronization Settings screen appears.
  5. Verify that the Calendar, Contacts, Favorites, Inbox, and Tasks boxes all have checkmarks next to each of the listings, then click the Next button.
    出现“System Setup(系统设置)”屏幕。
  6. 单击“Finish(完成)”按钮。
    The Microsoft ActiveSync program will launch and begin synchronizing the handheld with your system.
ActiveSync is now installed on your system and is ready for use.

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