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Optiplex 755 Error 2000:0111 returned from diagnostics

It has been identified that some Optiplex 755 system owners may get a specific error when running the diagnostics. The error 2000:0111 has been displayed in specific test scenarios.

Table of Contents :

  1. Error While Running Diagnostics
  2. Resolving Error

1. Error While Running Diagnostics

Some Optiplex 755 systems may return the below error in the diagnostics.

*Running MATS test*

Test results: System Error

Error Code: 2000:0111

Msg: CPU 0 : General protection exception occurred at selector 18 physical offset 37a18 map file offset 4da8

This has been seen with BIOS revision A16.

2. Resolving Error

To resolve this error please update the system BIOS to the latest revision.

Visit our Support Site, use the options to select your system model by either auto-detecting, using your service tag or selecting from list. Then select Drivers & Downloads from the menu.

Download and run the latest BIOS file.

Re-run the diagnostics and confirm the error is no longer displayed.

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