How to Print With the Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - 353784

How to Print With the Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - 353784

Summary: How to Print With the Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer

Article Summary: This article explains how to use the Dell Wasabi Mobile Printer PZ310 to print photos taken with your cell phone.

Connecting a Cell Phone to the Dell Mobile Printer PZ310

First of all, in order for your cell phone to be able to print to the Dell Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer, the phone itself has to support the Bluetooth printing function. Just because the telephone has Bluetooth doesn't mean it has the ability to send photos via a Bluetooth connection. In fact, almost a third of all cell phones with Bluetooth can't send a photo. In order for your phone to be able to do this, it has to support Bluetooth 2.0 with the following profiles:

To be certain your phone has these capabilities, it may be necessary to check with the manufacturer. The information should be in the owner's manual that came with your cell phone. These documents will explain in detail how to connect your phone to the printer and then send a photo. The following list (Table 1) is a list of cell phones that are known at this time to be compatible:

Compatiable Cell Phones
Nokia N82
Nokia N73
Motorola E6
Motorola A1200
Samsung F330
Samsung M610
Sony Ericsson K610i
Sony Ericsson K800i
LG KM501
LG KC550

Table 1: Known Compatable Cell Phones

When you attempt to connect the phone to the printer, the printer will show up as Dell PZ310 Imaging Device. If the phone asks you to enter a PIN number, you can use 0000 (4 zeros).

To view a video by Studio Dell on using the Wasabi printer, click HERE.

Limitations of Printing With the Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer

Obviously, the Wasabi is designed for fun on-the-spot printmaking and isn't intended for serious high-quality photography. With that in mind, there are some very specific limitations to using the printer that you should keep in mind when evaluating the results of your photographs.

File Size and Type

The Wasabi can only print JPEG images and they cannot be any larger than 12 megabytes in size. This should accomodate most all cell phone cameras but it may be necessary to limit the size of your photos or download them to a computer and re-size them before printing.

Proportion and Shape

The Wasabi prints on Dell-branded Zink photographic paper which is 3 inches by 2 inches. The image will be printed to fit on that paper size and may be cropped by the printer in order to fit. You may need to compose your cell phone pictures to allow space for the printer to crop the image. This cropping will usually occur along the long edge of your cell phone pictures, if it occurs at all.

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