How to reset Single Bit Error (SBE) logging and clear the Embedded System Management (ESM) logs using 32bit diagnostic media

How to reset Single Bit Error (SBE) logging and clear the Embedded System Management (ESM) logs using 32bit diagnostic media

You can reset Single Bit Error (SBE) logging and clear Embedded System Management (ESM) logs using MPMemory which is bundled in Dell 32bit diagnostics.

The MPMemory command has to be run from bootable 32bit diagnostic media instead of from the utility partition.

· After booting to the diagnostic media you will see a menu asking if you want system diagnostics or MPMemory.

· At this point you can select 4 to quit the utility which will take you to a command prompt.

· When you reach the command prompt, type in the following command to reset SBE logging and clear the ESM logs:

o Mpmemory -ptech -tlogclr

· You will get a screen like this indicating that you have cleared the SBE and ESM logs.

If a reboot is not a viable option at this point there is a way to re-enable the error count/SBE logging from within Windows.

Note: Clearing the ESM and alert logs alone does not re-enable SBE logging.

To do this, you need to use the dcidfg32.exe utility.

· From within Windows, open a command prompt.

· Run dir /s dcicfg32.exe (In some versions of Open Manage, this is located at c:\program files\dell\openmanage\omsa\bin\. In others, it is located at c:\program files\dell\sysmgt\omsa\bin\.)

· Change the directory to that folder using the cd <path to folder>

· Type: dcicfg32 command=clearmemfailures

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