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Dell E-Family Flat Panel Monitor Stands May Not Fit Standard VESA Panel Mount Plates

E-Flat Panel Stands Come With Dell Quick Connect Mounting Plate

The Dell E-Flat Panel Stand comes standard with the Dell Quick Connect mounting plate. If the flat panel monitor that is to be attached to the Flat Panel Stand is an older Dell model or one from another vendor, that monitor should have an industry-standard VESA mount plate.

In these cases, an adapter plate is needed and will be sold separately as an optional kit. This is a single metal plate, with 2 sets of holes for the 75mm or 100mm spacing. The kit also includes a set of 4 screws, set of 4 plugs for the unused set of holes, and a setup guide.

One source of such kits is Ergotron: Ergotron Quick Finder by Display Model

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