Information About Dell™ OpenManage™ IT Assistant - Technical Tip - 162999

Information About Dell™ OpenManage™ IT Assistant - Technical Tip - 162999

Information About Dell OpenManage IT Assistant

Functional Overview

IT Assistant is a remote server and desktop management application that employs the latest remote management technology. IT Assistant provides asset, configuration, event, security, and storage management for Dell systems and other systems equipped with industry-standard instrumentation.

IT Assistant enables you to easily specify the parts of your corporate network that you want to monitor. The process of locating and viewing systems on your network, called discovery, is extremely versatile, with the ability to include and exclude network nodes on a subnet, range of addresses, or individual-system basis. You can discover systems based on a variety of addressing specifications, including Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internetwork Packet eXchange (IPX) address, and host name. You can also configure specific systems into custom groups that allow you to view systems based on your own particular criteria.

What IT Assistant Does For You

IT Assistant is the premier Dell management application for managing and monitoring Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Desktop Management Interface (DMI), and Common Information Model (CIM)-instrumented systems. IT Assistant is designed for system administrators to remotely manage CIM, DMI, and SNMP-instrumented Dell systems in a network.

IT Assistant Components

Dell OpenManage IT Assistant comprises two main components: the IT Assistant web-based user interface and the IT Assistant services. The IT Assistant services consist of the IT Assistant connection service, the IT Assistant network monitoring service, the IT Assistant data repository, and command-line utilities. The IT Assistant connection service establishes communication with the IT Assistant web-based user interface; the IT Assistant network monitoring service discovers systems across the corporate network; the IT Assistant data repository stores configuration and system discovery information; the command-line utilities enable you to set up CIM discovery and security, manage the IT Assistant data repository, and write scripts to perform IT Assistant tasks without using the web-based user interface.

IT Assistant offers versatile installation capabilities that allow you to install the IT Assistant services on one system and the web-based user interface on the same or another system. The IT Assistant web-based user interface seeks out individual installations of the IT Assistant services, making it possible for you to "cover" parts of your network with different installations of the services and manage all parts from a single user interface or from multiple user interfaces dispersed strategically throughout your company.

Additional Information and Resource

For more information on Dell OpenManage, refer to the OpenManage Systems Management website.

For help with specifics on your Dell system or additional troubleshooting support, search the Dell Support Web site. Dell provides you with the troubleshooting tools necessary to resolve most problems.

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