Dell PowerEdge: How to create a Virtual Disk using iDRAC 9

Dell PowerEdge: How to create a Virtual Disk using iDRAC 9

This article explains how to create a virtual disk using the web management interface (iDRAC9) with PERC 9 and PERC 10. Alternatively, the Virtual Disk can also be created from the System Settings menu.

Table of contents

  1. Connection to the iDRAC web interface
  2. Virtual Disk creation

1. Connection to the iDRAC web interface

To start, please connect to the iDRAC web interface using the defined IP Address with the admin credentials.
Note: If the iDRAC is not yet configured, this article (SLN306877) explains how to proceed.

2. Virtual Disk creation

1) In the iDRAC Web Interface, go to Configuration > Storage Configuration.

Storage Configuration

2) Select the controller for which you want to create the virtual disk from the Controller drop-down menu

3) Check that available disks are listed in the Physical Disk Configuration section.

Physical Disk Configuration section

4) Open the Virtual Disk Configuration menu and click on the button Create Virtual Disk

Create Virtual Disk

5) The creator wizard appears to configure the Virtual Disk properties.
In the Capacity field, enter the size of the virtual disk. The maximum size is displayed and then updated as disks are selected. Click Add to Pending Operations when ready.

Note: You can use alphanumeric characters, spaces, dashes, and underscores in the disk name. Any other special characters that you enter are removed while creating the virtual disk.

Add to Pending Operations

6) The message "RAC0685: A pending operation has been created for this Create Virtual Disk operation" will appear to confirm the task creation. (SEO)

7) To execute this creation task, navigate to the bottom of the page and select Apply Now. If needed, the task can be scheduled.

Apply Now

8) The raid configuration task starts. It is possible to monitor the status in the menu Maintenance > Job Queue.

9) When the task is completed, the Virtual Disk is listed in the menu Storage > Virtual Disks.

Virtual Disks

The virtual disk is now ready for use and will require formatted by your operating system.

For older legacy systems with iDRAC6/7/8, this option is not available you must create in the Raid BIOS or using Dell Open Manage Server Administrator.
More information can be found on HOW17101 RAID best practice and additional RAID setup tricks and tips to get your Dell PowerEdge Setup using OpenManage Server Administrator.

Note: If your system is in the BIOS or Pre Post, your system needs to be restated passing the BIOS screen in order for the Life-Cycle Controller to complete the task.

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