Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer FAQ - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - 357683

Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer FAQ - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - 357683

Summary: Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer FAQ

Article Summary:This article will attempt to answer frequently asked questions about the use of the Dell Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Printer

Phone Compatability Questions

Q: Is my digital camera or camera phone compatible with Wasabi?

A: The mobile printer will work with any digital camera that supports PictBridge printing and any Bluetooth enabled camera phone that supports FTP, BIP, and OPP Bluetooth transfer profiles. Please verify with your digital camera or phone manufacturer to confirm it meets these requirements. For a list of phones known to be compatible, see Table 1.

Compatiable Cell Phones
Nokia N82
Nokia N73
Motorola E6
Motorola A1200
Samsung F330
Samsung M610
Sony Ericsson K610i
Sony Ericsson K800i
LG KM501
LG KC550

Table 1: Known Compatable Cell Phones

Q: Why won't the Apple iPhone or G1 Android phone work with the Wasabi Mobile Printer?

A: Printing to the Wasabi Mobile Printer requires a Bluetooth enabled camera phone that supports the FTP, BIP, or OPP Bluetooth transfer profiles. While the iPhone and the G1 Android phones do support Bluetooth, they currently do not support these required transfer protocols.

Q: How do I print via Bluetooth from my camera phone?

A: The steps for using Bluetooth transmission may be different for each cell phone. See the documentation of your cell phone for specific details on how to send photos using Bluetooth.

  1. Select the photo you would like to print from the stored photos on your cell phone.

  2. Select the Bluetooth transmission option on your cell phone's menu list. For example, it may read "Send via Bluetooth" or "Copy" or "Beam".

  3. Search for devices and select "Dell PZ310 Inkless Mobile Printer".

    By default, no passkey is reqired to connect to the Dell PZ310 Ink-Free mobile printer. If a passkey is requested, enter 0000.

  4. Confirm the transmission on your cell phone and begin sending the photo to the printer.

  5. The printer automatically begins printing once the photo has been fully received.

  6. It takes approximately a minute to send and complete printing via Bluetooth transmission (based on a JPEG image taken from a 2 MP camera phone).

Image Quality Questions

Q: What print quality can I expect from the Wasabi Mobile Printer?

A: The Dell PZ310 Mobile Printer is designed to be a fun, mobile printer with easy connectivity to a wide variety of Bluetooth and PictBridge devices. The portability of the printer and the size of the prints are not intended to produce photos equal in quality to larger stationary printers. If your intention is to produce professional quality photographs, consider a Dell Photo All-in-One printer for home use.

Q:What content can I print to the Wasabi Mobile Printer?

A: The Wasabi Mobile Printer is designed to print photographs from your digital camera via PictBridge or from your camera phone or computer via Bluetooth. The Wasabi Mobile Printer does not support the printing of any content other than photographs from these methods.

Q: How do I fix horizontal streaks or lines on my prints?

A: The print head may be dirty and need cleaning. To clean the printhead:

  1. Turn off the printer.

  2. Open the paper tray door and replace the photo paper with the blue calibration sheet with the barcode facing down.

  3. Close the paper tray door and turn on the power.

  4. The blue calibration sheet will automatically pass through the printer and eject.

  5. Open the paper tray door and reload the photo paper.

    If the problem persists, repeat the cleaning process. This process can be repeated up to three times in succession.

Q: When I view photos on my camera, they appear a different proportion or shape than what actually prints. What causes this?

A: Digital cameras, depending on the image size you choose, typically create a digital image that is not the same aspect ratio as that supported by the printer. Aspect ratio refers to the ratio between the length and width in pixels of a digital photo.

Q: My printed photos are dark or blurry. What is causing this?

A: It is most likely the photos you took were taken indoors and your phone's camera may not have a flash or have one that is not powerful enough for the space in which it was used. For a brighter picture, increase the room lighting or try changing your camera settings. Among the settings that can affect image brightness are photo resolution, zoom settings, flash settings, image modes, ISO speed, and white balance. For a detailed understanding of your digital camera settings, please consult the manual for your digital camera or camera phone.

Questions About Wasabi ZINK Paper

Q: Can I print using non Dell-branded ZINK paper?

A: The Wasabi Mobile Printer is designed to be used with the Dell-branded ZINK paper. If you use non Dell-branded ZINK paper you may experience print quality issues and be unable to correctly calibrate your Wasabi Mobile Printer.

Q: What is the easiest way to peel the backing sheet off of my Wasabi ZINK paper to expose the sticky back?

A: It may be easier to peel the backing sheet off after the paper cools down. Wait a minute or two before trying. To peel off the backing sheet, start by bending a corner slightly. This will usually separate the backing sheet from the image allowing you to peel the backing sheet away.

Q: What is the size of the Wasabi images?

A: Because the Dell Mobile Printer is pocket-sized for ultimate mobility, the prints are appropriately small. The sticky-backed photos are about the same size as a business card (2" by 3" or 50mm by 76.2 mm) and are the perfect size to share with your friends and family on the go. The printer is designed to allow you to share photos with friends and family and is not meant to substitute or replace larger photos made by more advanced printers.

Q: I have lost the blue cleaning sheet. How do I clean the print head on my Wasabi Mobile Printer?

A: An alternative method is to use a piece of photo paper:

  1. Turn off the printer and place one sheet of photo paper upside down (with the watermark facing up) in the paper tray.

  2. Gently glide the photo paper under the print head until you feel some resistance.

  3. Close the paper tray door and turn on the printer.

  4. The sheet of photo paper will automatically eject.

  5. Open the paper tray door and reload the photo paper.

Q: What are some tips for taking care of the ZINK photo paper?

A: Please avoid bending the Wasabi ZINK photo paper. If possible hold the ZINK paper only by its edges and try to avoid touching the printing surface. Keep the ZINK paper in a cool and dry place and do not expose it to direct sunlight for prolonged periods or to extreme temperatures such as inside a hot car. It should ideally be kept in temperature ranges between 5°C to 32°C (41°F to 90°F) and humidity ranges between 20% and 80% relative humidity. Make sure to use the paper within its valid dates.

Usage Questions

Q: The printer's "smiley face" emoticon light flashes when I try to send a photo from my phone, but it does not print. What causes this?

A: Your Bluetooth-equipped telephone may not be compatible with the printer at this time. Please check with the manufacturer to verify compatibility with one of the three Bluetooth transfer protocols Wasabi supports.

Q: I connected the printer to my computer, but I cannot print pictures. What causes this?

A: Wasabi was not designed to print photos directly from a computer using a USB connection. There is no printer driver software that allows the printer to be recognized by a PC. If you want to print from your PC, use your PC's Bluetooth connection.

Q: The printer seems to be working since the "smiley face" emoticon is on, but I am unable to print directly from my PictBridge enabled camera. What causes this?

A: Many digital cameras must have USB mode selected toenable PictBridge printing. Check your camera's user guide for instructions on how to enable PictBridge printing. If you don't have a user guide, consult the manufacturer's web site.

Q: After I print several images, the printer "frowning face" emoticon lights up. What causes this?

A: The print head is cooling down. Please allow the print head to cool and the light to go out before continuing to print.

Q: Sometimes, it seems to take longer to print the first photo. What causes this?

A: If the printer is cold, it takes a bit of extra time for the print head to heat up so it can begin to produce high-quality prints. For example, leaving the printer outside in a cold automobile will result in the printer needing to warm up to room temperature before printing.

Q: Printing was working successfully, but now the printer will not print photos from my phone. What causes this?

A: The printer must "pair" with the phone to print. In some cases, the pairing may be corrupted and you may no longer print. To fix this, delete the phone-to-printer pairing using your phone's keypad commands. After deletion, re-pair the phone to the printer as you did before.

Q: My printer won't power on. What causes this?

A: You may not have pushed the power button completely in. After doing so, it takes a few seconds for power to come on.

Q: The printer keeps shutting off. What causes this?

A: The printer probably turned itself off. If you do not press any buttons on the printer or print any photos, the printer will automatically shut itself off after 3 minutes to conserve battery power. A second cause may be that the battery power is low. Plug in the printer's AC adapter and charge the battery.

Q: How many printouts will the Wasabi battery provide on one charge?

A: Because the Wasabi Mobile Printer has been designed to be pocket-sized for ultimate mobility it features a smaller battery which is rated to provide up to 15 prints per charge. However, the Wasabi Mobile Printer can print when it is attached to the AC adapter that was included with the printer. Additional batteries can also be ordered.

Q: Why would I want to print from my camera phone?

A: Every day, people take photos with cell phone cameras. The majority of these photos get lost in the storage on the phone, never leaving the phone itself. Until now, there has not been a convenient way to print the pictures you take with your cell phone. With the Wasabi Mobile Printer, you can share your photos instantly with friends and family.

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