Latitude 10, 10 ST2E and 13 7350: Visual Guide to your Dock

Latitude 10, 10 ST2E and 13 7350: Visual Guide to your Dock

This article provides a visual guide to your Latitude Tablet Desktop Dock.

Table of Contents :

  1. Front View
  2. Rear View
  3. Side View
  4. Dock Specifications
  5. Docking to Tablet

Front View

Note: For a more detailed description about each location, please go to the system manuals at

Front View

(Fig. 1 Front View.)

1 USB 3.0 Connector 2 Audio Connector
3 Docking Station Connector (40 Pin) 4 Power LED

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Rear View

Rear View

(Fig. 2 Rear View.)

1 4.5mm DC In Connector 2 USB 3.0 Connector x2
3 10/100 Mbps Network Connector (RJ45) 4 HDMI Connector
5 DisplayPort Connector

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Side View

Right Hand Side View

(Fig. 3 Right Hand Side View.)


Dock Connector (designed as a 27 degree swivel with rotation from 90 degrees to 117 degrees. It will support tablets of varying thickness.)

2 Power LED

LED State Power State
Solid S0 - Normal Operating State - ON
Breathe (Flash) S1 - Low Power State
Breathe (Flash) S3 - Standby/Suspend to RAM
Off Hibernate/Suspend to Disk

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Dock Specifications

AC Adapter View

(Fig. 4 Rear View of AC Adapter.)

AC Adapter 45W/65W
Input Current 2.31A/3.34A
Input Voltage 19.50 V DC

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Docking to Tablet

Connecting the Tablet onto the Docking Station
  1. Align the tablet with the docking station connector and gently push down until it seats in place.


(Fig. 5 Docking.)

Display Priority

The desktop dock supports additional display connections. Please check below for the display priority when the tablets is docked/undocked.

Display Ports
Docked/Undocked System HDMI Dock HDMI Dock DisplayPort
System Stand Alone 1st Priority N/A N/A
Docked to Desktop Dock 2nd Priority 1st Priority 1st Priority
Muliple Display Support

The tablet can run on two external displays at the same time, through the optional desktop docks HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. In total you should be able to get three display outputs. (Including the tablet display itself.) You can choose to either extend or duplicate your display using the windows settings.

Start Charms > Settings > Personalisation > Display > Change Display Settings.

Manuals and Documents

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