Dell Wireless Dock WLD15 Frequently Asked Questions

Dell Wireless Dock WLD15 Frequently Asked Questions

This article provides answers to many questions concerning the Dell Wireless Dock WLD15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Dell Wireless Dock - WiGig communicate to one PC at a time, or several?
A: One system at a time.
Q: If just one, how does it maintain connection to just one device when several WiGig PC’s are within range?
A: Either by password protection or by first user to connect. After the first person connects to it, no other user will be able to see or connect to the wireless dock.
Q: Are Wake-on-LAN and PXE-Boot supported on the WLD15?
A: No, these are features that are planned to be available on the next-generation of docking
Q: Will the WiGig dock work in a room where you have several docks? How is the interference?
A: Based on testing, multiple docks can be used in the same room with limited performance impact.
Q: How do you connect to a dock? Will a machine always connect to the same dock? How to change the dock that you connect to?
A: Initial setup is through WPS. The dock can be set to be auto-connect or manually connect depending on preference. Typically, a user would auto-connect in their office but manually connect to a shared dock in a conference room.
Q: How can you switch which machine is docked if you use the docking station as a meeting room dock connected to a projector?
A: Automatic Docking should be disabled. First user would have to disconnect using the Intel Wireless Dock Manager, to enable the second user to connect.
Q: Can I walk around with my notebook once it is connected?
A: It is recommended that the notebook remain in one place, but the benefit of a wireless connection is that you can move around with limited performance impacts
Q: What systems are compatible with the Dell Wireless Docking Station?
A: Dell Wireless Dock is compatible with the Latitude 7000 Series, Latitude 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 & Latitude 5000 Series with an optional installed Intel® Tri-Band Wireless-AC 17265 WiGig + WLAN + BT4.0LE Wireless Card and WiGig antenna available only at the time of purchase.
Q: If I have purchased a Dell Wireless Dock D5000 previously, will it work with the latest generation of Latitude (E7x50, E5x50)?
A: No, previous dock was based on Wilocity architecture, new docking solution is based on Intel architecture
Q: How many monitors can be supported and what is max monitor resolution?
A:The dock can support 2 active external monitors, for more information refer to Table 1.
Number of video port(s) connected VGA* HDMI Mini DP
Single 2560x1600p60 Not connected Not connected
Single Not connected 2560x1600p60 Not connected
Single Not connected Not connected 2560x1600p60
Dual Display 1920x1200p60 1920x1200p60 Not connected
Dual Display 1920x1200p60 Not connected 1920x1200p60
Dual Display Not connected 1920x1200p60 1920x1200p60
Table 1: Monitor Configurations.

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