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Dell systems with the Intel Skylake or Braswell Chipset lack USB 2.0 support and will not boot to Dell Windows 7 media

This article provides the information on Dell systems with the Intel Skylake or Braswell Chipset cannot boot to Dell Windows 7 media. This issue occurs because systems with the Intel Skylake Chipset do not have USB 2.0

Cannot boot to Windows 7 Media

You may encounter a situation when attempting to install Windows 7 from Dell branded Windows 7 USB media, you receive a driver error as indicated below:

Updating the system BIOS or changing the USB port for the installation media has no effect on the issue.

This issue occurs because systems with the Intel Skylake or Braswell Chipset do not have USB 2.0. All ports are USB 3.0 and the Windows 7 installation USB media does not contain the required drivers to install Windows 7 on the affected system.

The systems listed below are affected by this issue:

ChengMing 3967
Dell Embedded Box PC 3000
Dell Embedded Box PC 3000 OEM
Dell Embedded Box PC 5000
Dell Embedded Box PC 5000 OEM
Dell Legacy Adapter LD17
Dell Precision Tower 3420
Dell Precision Tower 3620
Inspiron 11 3162/3164
Inspiron 14 3459
Inspiron 15 3559
Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559
Inspiron 24 5459 AIO
Inspiron 3052
Inspiron 3059
Inspiron 3250
Inspiron 3252
Inspiron 3263
Inspiron 3452
Inspiron 3459
Inspiron 3552
Inspiron 3650
Inspiron 5457
Inspiron 5459
Inspiron 5557
Inspiron 5559
Inspiron 5759
Inspiron 7557
Latitude 5414 Rugged
Latitude 3160
Latitude 3350
Latitude 3460
Latitude 3470
Latitude 3560
Latitude 3570
Latitude 5404 Rugged
Latitude 7202 Rugged Tablet
Latitude 7204 Rugged
Latitude 7214 Rugged Extreme
Latitude 7370
Latitude 7404 Rugged
Latitude 7414 Rugged
Latitude E5270 Laptop
Latitude E5470
Latitude E5570
Latitude E7270
Latitude E7470
OptiPlex 3040
OptiPlex 3046
OptiPlex 3240 All-in-One
OptiPlex 5040
OptiPlex 7040
OptiPlex 7440 AIO
Precision 3510
Precision 5510
Precision 7510
Precision 7710
Vostro 3052
Vostro 3250
Vostro 3252
Vostro 3459
Vostro 3559
Vostro 3561
Vostro 3650
Vostro 3653
Vostro 5450
Vostro 5459
XPS 13 9350
XPS 8900

To resolve this issue, download the latest Dell ISO image for your system from the Dell Support Website along with the Dell OS Recovery tool the follow the instructions in the Dell knowledge base article: How to create and use the Dell Windows recovery image to create a bootable 16GB USB key to use to reinstall your operating system.

The Dell ISO image contains all the required USB 3.0 drivers needed to reinstall WIndows 7 on your system.

NOTE: You can only download a Dell ISO image on a Dell system with the Dell System Detect application installed on the system. (The target system for the OS resintall is NOT required.) The Windows 7 ISO image is only available for systems that SHIPPED with the Windows 7 operating system.

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Last Date Modified: 04/16/2018 10:15 AM

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