Dell 27 Gaming monitor S2716DG will not wake

Dell 27 Gaming monitor S2716DG will not wake

This article provides the information on "The Dell 27 Gaming monitor S2716DG will not wake from keyboard or mouse input ".

S2716DG will not wake when the monitor is set to sleep mode.

Users of Dell 27 Gaming Monitors (S2716DG) report that the display will not wake using keyboard or mouse input after the S2716DG display enters the sleep mode. Powering off then powering on the display resolves the issue until the monitor sleeps again.

In order to meet the sleep mode power consumption of 0.5W, the NVidia G-sync module within the S2716DG will be turned off after the monitor enters sleep mode. This state will ignore mouse movement.

There is no issue when the PC is set for sleep mode. Both PC and monitor will wake from sleep with Mouse movement.

Recommended Solution:

Press any of the monitor front panel buttons once and the monitor will recover from sleep.

Power cycling the monitor will also allow the monitor to wake from sleep.

NOTE: The following does allow for quick wake from sleep, but the power dissipation of the monitor while in sleep mode will exceed the 0.5 W power requirement.

How to disable Deep Sleep Mode in the S2716DG display.

Disable the Monitor Deep Sleep mode if you notice any of the two scenarios mentioned below. Follow the instructions mentioned to ‘Disable the Monitor Deep Sleep Mode.

Disable the Monitor Deep Sleep Mode by following these steps:

  1. Press Button 3 to enter the On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu.
  2. Use Button 1 or Button 2 and highlight Others. Press Button 3 to select the option.
  3. Select Monitor Deep Sleep (Figure 6) option and Press Button 3 to Disable.
    Pressing any button (except the Power button) on the front panel of your Dell S2716DG Monitor may also wake up the monitor after it goes into deep sleep.
Monitor Deep Sleep Mode
Figure 6: Monitor Deep Sleep Mode in On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu

If you still have sleep issues with your display continue normal sleep troubleshooting.

Additional Information:

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How to Use and Troubleshoot the Dell S2716DG Monitor

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