What is Dell Data Guardian?

What is Dell Data Guardian?

Dell Data Guardian protects in-motion and in-use data using encryption and Digital Rights Management (EDRM). This guide will give a brief description on the functions and features of Dell Data Guardian.

Affected Products:

Dell Data Guardian

Affected Versions:

v1.2 or later

Dell Data Guardian is a centrally managed enterprise solution that offers protection for office documents through:


  • Office documents retain encryption no matter where the data resides.


  • Data owners digitally generate a key for each protected office document, allowing for data accountability and auditing.


  • Data owners or product administrators can collaborate with external parties by granting access to the protected office document.
  • Data owners can determine when users can view the protected office document by setting embargo (time-to-live) dates.
  • Product administrators can prevent unauthorized parties from viewing the data by restricting print and export functionality.

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The Dell Data Guardian installation files vary between Windows and Mac. For a walkthrough on how to download the installer for each platform reference How to Download Dell Data Guardian.

The system requirements for Dell Data Guardian vary between Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. For a complete listing on each platform’s requirements reference Dell Data Guardian System Requirements.

The installation process for Dell Data Guardian varies between Window and Mac platforms. For a complete walkthrough on each platform reference How to Install Dell Data Guardian.

Post installation, only external users are set to manually activate Dell Data Guardian. Internal users will attempt to activate automatically using single sign-on (SSO). In certain environments, internal users may need to manually activate. For more information on manually activating internal users reference How to Manually Activate Dell Data Guardian.

Dell Data Guardian allows internal users to share Protected Office Documents with external parties by:

Click on the appropriate Dell Data Guardian version for a list of supported extensions.

.docx, .docm, .ptx, .xlsx, .pptm, .xlsm, and .pdf.

Note: On Dell Data Guardian for Mac, PDF's must be protected by dragging the file to Finder.

.docx, .docm, .ptx, .xlsx, .pptm, and .xlsm.

Dell Data Guardian offers the ability to protect and manage office documents through the usage of:

  • Encryption of Protected Office Documents.
  • Preventing or watermarking printed documents through Print Control.
  • Preventing or watermarking exported documents through Export Control.
  • Geo-location tracking on externally accessed documents through Beacon services.
  • Displaying an on-screen watermark for Protected Office Documents.

For more information on these features, reference How to Enable and Utilize Dell Data Guardian Features.

The location of the product version varies between Windows and Mac platforms. For a comprehensive walkthrough for each platform reference How to Identify Version of Dell Data Guardian.

  • Windows: 1.3.551.0
  • Mac:
  • iOS:
  • Android:

The log collection process for Dell Data Guardian varies between Windows and Mac platforms. For a comprehensive walkthrough for each platform reference How to Collect Logs for Dell Data Guardian.

The uninstall process for Dell Data Guardian varies between Windows and Mac platforms. For a comprehensive walkthrough for each platform reference How to Uninstall Dell Data Guardian.

For support, US-based customers may contact Dell Data Security ProSupport at 877.459.7304, Option 1, Ext. 4310039, or via the Chat Portal. To contact support outside the US, reference ProSupport’s International Contact Numbers. For additional insights and resources, visit the Dell Security Community Forum.

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