Lifecycle Controller

Lifecycle Controller

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Introduction to the Lifecycle Controller

iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller provides PowerEdge servers with advanced embedded systems management, enabling key server management tasks including deploy, configure, update, maintain, diagnose, repurpose and retire. Lifecycle Controller supports these functions in the customer’s preferred mode – at the server, pre-boot with an UEFI graphical interface, at remote consoles using standards-based APIs and via scripting.

Prior to the development of Lifecycle Controller, an administrator used tools such as Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA), Dell Systems Build Update Utility (SBUU), and Dell Deployment Toolkit (DTK) shipped on multiple CDs or DVD in order to perform Dell EMC PowerEdge server provisioning and update. Maintaining and using multiple DVDs/images for these operations was a time-consuming and error-prone effort.

To simplify these operations, Lifecycle Controller allows IT administrators to do away with media altogether, enabling operating system deployment with locally embedded driver repositories, firmware updates from local and network sources, hardware configuration, and platform-specific diagnostic routines. Because Lifecycle Controller is available even when the operating system is not functional or not installed, it provides added flexibility in provisioning and customizing the server to suit changing requirements.

If you are new to using iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller, check out the "how-to" videos on

Lifecycle Controller Features

  • New for PowerEdge 14th generation servers
    • Enhanced System Erase – supports erasure of HDDs, SSDs, and NVMe devices
    • Support for DMTF Redfish 2016 standard
    • Support HTTP for network share-based features
  • Interfaces — pre-boot graphical interface accessible from BIOS for at-the-server operations; standards-based APIs including WS-Man and Redfish, supporting complete server lifecycle for remote consoles and scripts
  • Core standards — IPMI, WS-Man, Redfish, HTTP/S, NFS, and SMB/CIFS
  • Deploying — configure system and storage devices; view and export hardware and firmware inventory; wizard-guided operating system installation with OS Driver Packs. Unattended installation for Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Zero-touch auto configuration — enabling complete server configuration without human touch
  • Updating — agent-free firmware maintenance with reduced maintenance downtime. Firmware updates from your compliant repositories built with Dell Repository Manager or access updates from Recovery of prior versions with firmware rollback
  • Servicing — provides continuous availability of logs and diagnostics without depending on server storage. Easy Restore functionality automatically restores BIOS settings, iDRAC licenses, Service Tag and more. Additionally, Lifecycle Controller can quickly flash firmware and restore a saved state when replacing an individual server component.
  • System erase — supports repurposing and retirement of severs by deleting data on selected server components. Enables removal of information from BIOS, Lifecycle Controller, internal configuration databases, rollback firmware versions, and iDRAC settings
  • Backing up and restoring the server — back up the server configuration; restore the server to a previously saved state; import server licenses.
  • Server inventory —current and factory system hardware inventory; current firmware inventory.

API Integration Guides

WS-Man Guides

Interface Guide for Linux

Redfish Guides

iDRAC REST API with Redfish Reference Guide version

iDRAC REST API with Redfish Reference Guide version

API Reference Specs

WS-Man Profiles Describes the behavior for each iDRAC /LC feature and necessary classes, properties and methods as well as configurable management attributes that represent the feature
WS-Man Licenses and Privileges Lists all licensing and privilege requirements for WS-Man operations
Lifecycle Controller XML Schema Guide Contains various schema descriptions including: Lifecycle Controller log, hardware inventory, message registry, attribute registry, and dependency XML
XSD files described in the XML Schema Guide

Attribute Registries

These registries list all of the attributes and properties for server components in XML format, covering BIOS, iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller, PERC RAID, NICs, FC HBAs, and PCIe SSDs. Following are the registries by release.

iDRAC8 and iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller Attribute Registries

Dell Event / Error Message Reference

Dell Test Event Notification Message Reference

Contains the notification message content generated by the Dell iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller using the Test Event Generation feature for the following event action notification types:

  1. Email
  2. SNMP
  3. Remote Syslog

Dell Event and Error Message Reference Guide 14G
Dell Event and Error Message Reference Guide 13G

Describes all event and error message content from all DCIM Profiles in one document.

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