Dell EMC Networking and Pluribus Networks

Dell EMC Networking and Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks is simplifying the Software-Defined Data Center with its simple, dynamic and secure Adaptive Cloud Fabric architecture, enabling organizations to build scalable private and public clouds that improve service velocity, performance, and reliability. Without the need for an external controller, the Dell EMC ON Ethernet Switches powered by Netvisor® software federate into a single entity, offering unprecedented simplicity, agility and versatility.

Netvisor® OS

The Pluribus Netvisor OS is a virtualized Network Operating System (NOS) that provides a best-in-class layer 2 and layer 3 networking foundation, advanced network services, VXLAN, distributed Adaptive Cloud Fabric™ intelligence and embedded network performance monitoring telemetry. The Pluribus Netvisor software virtualizes the switch hardware, decoupling network resources from the underlying hardware to create multiple network containers on a single device. Each container can be dynamically allocated, and a single switch can instantiate multiple network containers. Each container has its own virtualized router and can support granular east/west and north/south network segmentation, strict multi-tenant services, security and policies, and the integration of virtualized network services and functions.

Adaptive Cloud Fabric

Powered by the Netvisor OS the Adaptive Cloud Fabric is a peer-to-peer distributed fabric that clusters all switches into a unified operating domain, enabling them to operate and be managed as a single entity. All switch-to-switch communications, configuration, policies and state information is dynamically updated across the fabric. The fabric leverages embedded telemetry and other data sources to enable pervasive visibility across the network to reveal network and application performance that speeds troubleshooting and improves operational and security intelligence.

SDDC with Open Datacenter Interconnect

The deployment of Netvisor and the Adaptive Cloud Fabric is an ideal operating environment for the next generation Software-defined Datacenter. The fabric can be deployed in a single data center, or distributed geographically to support Data Center Interconnect (DCI) requirements over any existing WAN or dark fiber connections to support stringent loss-less high availability or disaster recovery scenarios. The simplicity of building the Overlay networks for multi-site datacenters gives you the ability to handle all sites under a single Adaptive Cloud Fabric. The seamless integration with the existing network allows you to build the Overlay network as long as the there is IP connectivity from one datacenter to the other. This simplicity and flexibility is the industry’s first with OCP compliant switches such as Dell EMC ON hardware. From the price point, the overall solution is 50% lower cost than the traditional vendor solution.

Dell EMC ON switches and Pluribus Netvisor OS work together to build SDDC that lowers CapEx, OpEx with improved agility and resource efficiency. With pay-as-you-grow model, you can implement the Pluribus-Dell EMC solution without disrupting the mission critical datacenter that is adaptable, simple, and secure!

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