What is and How to use AlienRespawn

What is and How to use AlienRespawn

What is and How to use AlienRespawn

Table of Contents:

  1. What is AlienRespawn
  2. AlienRespawn Versions
  3. Using AlienRespawn

This article will explain you what AlienRespawn is, the different versions of the software and how to use it to restore your computer to factory settings.

1. What is AlienRespawn?

The AlienRespawn software is a tool that comes preinstalled in all Alienware computers which will help you to safely backup and recovery your information to protect it from data loss or simply to restore the computer to the original factory settings.

2. AlienRespawn Versions

The AlienRespawn application (also known as Dell Backup and Recovery) comes in two versions: Basic and Premium.

This is the version that comes pre-installed from factory in all new Alienware Systems and offers the following features:

  • Create reinstall disks (rescue disks) for your device.
  • Reset your device to the original factory state.
  • Manually backup and restore your data.

If your computer did not come with the AlienRespawn Basic pre-installed or if you deleted it by mistake you can download here the latest version.

By upgrading AlienRespawn, you acquire an impressive array of tools for protecting and restoring your computer. These additional features allow you to back up your entire system including your applications and settings, continuously protect your personal files, and even back up your data securely to the cloud.

Additionally to the Basic features, AlienRespawn Premium offers you the option to:

  • Create a full system back up (including applications and settings).
  • Continuously back up files to minimize data loss.
  • Merge multiple backups and archive old backups
  • Backup and restore files based on type

You can also purchase a Cloud Storage option along with the Basic or Premium versions that will allow you to back up your personal data online. Internet access is required in order to use the cloud storage option.

Some features of the Cloud Storage Option are:

  • Continuously back up your files to the cloud (online).
  • Keep multiple versions of your files.
  • Restore files from the cloud.
  • Use all of these features with either the Basic or Premium version.
  • Choose from 10GB of online storage up to 1TB.

To purchase AlienRespawn Premium and/or the Cloud Storage feature, click on the appropriate upgrade link on the Home page to guide you through the benefits and purchase process. It is important that you keep handy the Machine Identifier number as you may need to provide it to complete the upgrade process.

3. Using AlienRespawn

To recover your system to factory settings you can use as reference the video below:

For older versions of the software we have 6 lessons available that show you how to use the AlienRespawn Basic functions:

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