How to remove a key on your Dell laptop keyboard

How to remove a key on your Dell laptop keyboard

If a key on your laptop keyboard is stuck, slow to respond, or broken, you'll have to remove the keycap before you can replace or repair it.

To remove a key

1. Turn off your laptop.
2. Insert the tip of your finger or a flathead screwdriver beneath the keycap and lift gently until you feel the keycap unclip from the retainer clip.
Note: Try inserting the tip at each corner and lifting rather than applying more force, as some keys have up to four clip points.

3. Turn over the loose keycap and make sure that the clip points are still intact.

Note: If the clip points are broken, the keycap will not clip to the retainer. You will need to replace the keycap.

4. Make sure that the retainer clip is still attached to the laptop with the pad in the middle.
5. If you want to remove the retainer clip as well, place a flathead screwdriver or knife edge under a corner and gently twist it until it pops off.

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