Fingerprint Reader Installation Guide.

Fingerprint Reader Installation Guide.

For the Fingerprint Reader to function you will need to install the drivers & software on your system. The software used for the fingerprint reader is Dell Data Protection|Security Tools (DDP|ST) and can be found on the Drivers & Downloads site page, from there, please add your service tag or allow the site to identify your system to ensure the correct driver & software are identified for your system and proceed to the Drivers section from the left hand menu shown

Table of Contents:

  1. Dell Data Protection|Security Tools (DDP|ST)
  2. Control Vault Firmware Update

For information on how to use the Dell Support Site to identify and install the drivers for your Dell PC.

1. Dell Data Protection|Security Tools (DDP|ST)

The Dell Data Protection|Security Tools (DDP|ST) replaces the Dell Data Protection Access (DDPA) which is no longer available. DDP|ST 1.0 comes pre-installed on all Dell Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision systems and on selected XPS notebooks. It can also be downloaded through the Drivers & Downloads site page. Here is the Dell Data Protection | Security Tools (DDP | ST) Software and Hardware Prerequisites

If installing on a Dell system that includes Dell ControlVault, the drivers for ControlVault will be installed as part of the application. Dell ControlVault firmware may need to be updated. If so, this should be done after installation of DDP | ST. Refer to how to update ControlVault firmware.

  1. Download & install Dell Dell Data Protection|Security Tools (DDP|ST) Driver.

  2. This can be found within the Security Section of the Drivers & Downloads site.

  3. Once installed, this will eliminate the yellow bang from Device Manager and will allow ControlVault firmware upgrade.

If DDP|A was installed in the past on the computer, user must deprovision DDP|A - Managed Hardware and then uninstall DDP|A before installing DDP|ST. If DDP|A has not been used, user may simply uninstall DDP|A.

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2. Control Vault Firmware Update

Navigate the the Drivers & Downloads site as detailed in the top section.

  1. Download and extract Dell ControlVault Firmware update package.

  2. This can be found within the Security Section.

  3. Once all the files have been extracted to a floder on you system.

  4. Click Start to start the upgrade process. A system restart is required to complete the upgrade process.

  5. Once the Control Vault firmware is complete, click Restart to finalise the firmware upgrade.

  6. The system will restart and load Windows.

ControlVault in Device Manager
(Figure 01 ControlVault in Device Manager)

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If you require further assistance, please contact Technical Support

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