Microsoft Office 2013 OEM Version and Product Key Not Valid Errors (Geo-Blocked etc.)

Microsoft Office 2013 OEM Version and Product Key Not Valid Errors (Geo-Blocked etc.)

Article Summary: Microsoft Office 2013 OEM Version and Product Key Not Valid Errors.

Users may report issues with activating the OEM version of Microsoft Office 2013.

Messages may range from the product key not being recognized as a valid key, to messages that the key is Geo Locked and will not activate.

Steps to resolve the issue

Please ensure the end user is using the "" link to download Office 2013 for OEM installations of the software.

NOTE: Currently the "" redirects to the link below

If the link above does not work, end users can download and reinstall Office 2013 from a Microsoft Image file download. This will require uninstalling the current copy of Office on the system.

To quickly uninstall office 2013, please have the end user use the following Microsoft FixIt link below:

If the end user has other versions of Office to uninstall, it is suggested that the end user use the following:

Follow the instructions on the page to run the FixIt tool. This will completely remove Microsoft Office from the system.

Below is the link to download IMG files that allow users to create BACKUP MEDIA for their Microsoft® Office 2013 installation. These IMG files are backup media only and will require the use of the original Microsoft® Digital Product Key (DPK) that was used in the "Click-to-Run" installation. Have the user sign in to their Microsoft Live account, then select the backup media for the version of Office they have purchased.

Make sure you write down the folder location to where you are downloading the IMG file.

The end user will need to burn this image to a DVD, and use the DVD to reinstall Office. Using this installer, the product key should function normally.


Get Office OEM Download:

Uninstall Office 2013 FixIt

Uninstall Office 2003, 2007, or 2010 FixIt
Office Backup Media Download site:

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Last Date Modified: 06/13/2018 04:37 AM

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