Troubleshooting External Displays Using a Dell Tablet Dock

Troubleshooting External Displays Using a Dell Tablet Dock

Problems Configuring External Displays on Venue 11 Pro Desktop Dock

Note: Due to processor limitations, the Venue 11 Pro 5130 will only support 1 external display.

Users may encounter issues configuring their Venue 11 Pro tablet system with an external display(s) using the Venue desktop dock if non-recommended configurations are used. For example, if a DisplayPort, or HDMI, adapter are used to connect older displays, only one adapter can be used per connection and any adapters used need to be an active (Eyefinity Certified) graphics adapter to ensure proper connectivity.

Note: External displays connected to the dock must be High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant.

For more information on cable and adapter configuration for external displays, see Configuration of dual external displays using the Venue 11 Pro dock.

Troubleshooting Steps for Desktop Dock Display Issues

Feedback from Dell customers and Dell support teams have provided critical information that will assist you in setting up external displays and troubleshooting display issues using a Venue 11 Pro dock.

  1. If you purchased your desktop dock before February 26, 2014, you should have received a replacement dock proactively from Dell with improved graphics functionality. These docks have a revision number on the bottom label of A01.
  2. The preferred cabling for external displays is High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) or DisplayPort without any adapters to the external LCD display.
  3. The tablet Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) version should be the most current version available on the Dell support website, Select you system, Drivers and downloads, then the specific driver.
  4. The graphics driver for the tablet should be updated to the most current version available on the Dell support website. Intel Z3700 series chipset Driver for the Venue 5130 Version A07 or Intel HD, HD 4200/4400/4600 Graphics Driver for Venue 7130/7139 Version, A02 (current as of 16 Oct 2015) (or latest version)
  5. Venue Desktop Dock Firmware update located in Venue 11 Pro 7130, Drivers and Downloads, Firmware drivers. Venue 11 Pro Desktop dock Version 3091, A00 15 Sep 2015 firmware update (or latest version)

    Update time: 3-5 minutes. Restart Required.

    Important Information:

    This firmware update is intended only for Dell Tablet Dock (p/n 6J86W) used with Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130/7139/7140) Tablet and Latitude 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 notebook. If your configuration does not include a Dell Tablet dock, this update is not necessary.

    Before updating the Dell Tablet Dock firmware, ensure Tablet and Dell Tablet Dock are configured properly:

    • External monitor must be on and connected to the Dell Tablet Dock (HDMI out, DisplayPort out or both).
    • Dell Tablet Dock power adapter must remain connected to the dock and plugged into A/C power during update process.
    • The Tablet must remain docked in the Dell Tablet Dock during update process.
    • Do not Shut Down or put Tablet in Sleep mode during update process.
    • The Tablet display must be set as Primary
    Note: If the above conditions are not met during the firmware update process, the firmware update will fail or not complete

    Fixes / Enhancements:

    Fixes: HDMI monitor sleep mode issues (prevent the monitor from waking up unintentionally)

    Enhancements: Updates Dell Tablet dock to provide reliable support for Venue 11 Pro 7140 and Latitude13 7000 Series 2-in-1 Notebook.

    Installation information:

    Venue Step-by-Step Dell Desktop Dock Firm Ware Update Tool Operation.

  6. If any cable adapters are used to allow a legacy display, only one adapter per display connection can be used.

Connecting External displays to the Dell Desktop Dock

  • Venue 11 Pro 5130 (Midland) : supports one external video stream – you can duplicate that stream on two monitors if desired. This is in addition to the LCD on the tablet. Total of 2 extended displays.
  • Venue 11 Pro 7130/7139 (Junction) : supports dual independent external video streams. This is in addition to the LCD on the tablet. Total of 3 extended displays.
  • You can run FHD (1920x1080) on all displays within the bounds of above support. Maximum External Display resolution DP: 2560x1440 HDMI: 1920x1080
  • HDMI cables Connecting an external display via the HDMI port can use standard passive cables, the following will work as passive solutions.
    1. HDMI to HDMI Passive cable
    2. HDMI to VGA Passive cable
    3. HDMI to DVI Passive cable
  • DisplayPort cables If customer wish to use the DisplayPort on the dock, they can utilize the following cables, BUT anything other than a DP to DP cable MUST be active. Passive adapters will not work. This is because our dock does not support DP++
    1. DisplayPort to DisplayPort Passive cable
    2. DisplayPort to HDMI Active cable
    3. DisplayPort to VGA Active cable
    4. DisplayPort to DVI Active cable

Note: Quality cables and adapters should be used. As with any device, very inexpensive peripherals/accessories could be problematic.

Displays may/may not work with desktop dock version A00 and older drivers. If you still see issues please check on the desktop dock that the white LED at the front is on for external displays (or anything else) to work. Verify that this LED is on and stays on.

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