How to resolve LED issues with your Backlit Keyboard using the latest Dell Utility

How to resolve LED issues with your Backlit Keyboard using the latest Dell Utility

This article provides information about issues with the keyboard backlight caused by the various backlit keyboard settings and utilities and how to resolve them.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Fault Description
  3. Previous Solutions
  4. Recommended Solution


This article will take you through the various utlilities that are currently available that allow you to set the backlit keyboard settings. It will take you through the issues that are seen with the keyboard backlight when those settings are wrong or in conflict with other settings. At the end of the article we will supply a link to the latest utility which will add two tabs to the keyboard properties in the Control panel. The two tabs will take over from the other utlities in controlling the keyboard backlight.

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Fault Description

If you are experiencing issues with the backlight on your backlit keyboard, please be aware that this may not be a hardware issue. There are several programs/utilities that can impact the backlight settings. The keyboard settings in the BIOS are usually very limited. However there are a number of programs and utilities that try and make up for this and this can cause conflicts and issues. Please have a look through the guide if you are experiencing issues with your backlit keyboard such as :

  • Flickering light
  • The light timing out too quickly
  • The light being affected by the System Power Settings
  • The light isn't as bright as it should be

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Previous Solutions

On older notebook systems there have been a number of solutions brought forward to resolve this issue. These solutions have been based on the age and type of the system and the program/utilities used at the time.

  1. The oldest Dell utility still in use is the Dell Quickset utility. It can affect when the backlight turns off. We recommended that you went to the C:\Program Files\Dell\Quickset folder and open KBlit.exe. We advised turning this off as it can override any settings used in another utility on the same system. Once you reboot, this utility would stop affecting your keyboard.
  1. Windows operating systems provide the Windows Mobility Center, which includes backlit keyboard settings such as on/off, the time out and the brightness level. You can open the mobility center by searching for it in the start menu field, or by going to control panel and click on Mobile PC and then clicking Windows Mobility Center. There was an issue peculiar to this utility - you needed to ensure the keyboard backlight time out setting was set correctly for Hibernate (S4) or you could see issues coming out of hibernate mode.

    Windows Mobility Center

    You can find out more about using the Windows Mobility Center on the Microsoft article linked below :

  1. This solution involves replacing your old utilities with a new one that adds two tabs to Keyboard properties in Windows Control Panel.

    The Dell Feature Enhancement Pack (DFEP 2.2) utility is a system Utility application. With this application installed you will be able to :

    • To change the Backlit Time Out
    • To change the LED Brightness
    • To change when the LEDs should resume after a Time Out
    • In Control Panel you will gain an additional two (2) tabs in the keyboard properties window

    Keyboard Properties

    This solution has been tested out on the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems with no issues seen.

    This solution has been tested across a range of Models and System Types with no issues seen.

    You can download the Dell Feature Enhancement Pack Utility below :

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Recommended Solution

Note: This is the most current and up to date solution we can offer. It will take the place of all of the other previous solutions. This solution will also be subject to change in time. As systems and utilities change over time, so will the solutions offered. We will endeavour to keep this solution as up to date as possible.

In the Latitude E-series, XPS, OptiPlex systems, and the Precision M-series machines, in addition to any BIOS settings - you could use the Dell ControlPoint utility to affect the backlit keyboards brightness level, when the light timed out and when it resumed. There was also a keyboard shortcut on these models to increase/decrease the brightness. (Fn+Right or left arrow keys)


In newer systems in addition to the BIOS settings - you can use the Dell Command | Configure utility to affect the keyboard with setting such as Enable/Disable the backlight timer on AC Power and you can also use the Dell Command | PowerShell Provider utility to affect the keyboard backlight using the Keyboard Backlight Color feature.

Command | Configure

You can find out more about the Command | Configure and PowerShell Provider utilities in the article linked below :

Some of our newest ruggedised Latitude systems have additional keyboard backlight shortcut keys and additional settings available in the BIOS for things such as LED colour.

For more information please see the articles linked below :

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