Only 1 Solid State Drive (SSD) seen on Interposer card.

Only 1 Solid State Drive (SSD) seen on Interposer card.

This article provides the information on "PCIe SSD M.2 Interposer cards should be installed into a x16 PCIe wired PCIe slot".

Only 1 SSD seen on Interposer card

PCIe Solid State Drives (SSD) M.2 drives when installed on Multi-SSD interposer cards, some of the SSDs were not detected. This was reported on a Dell Precision Workstation after the interposer card was installed in the system by the system user, only one of the SSD drives were detected.

Installation error, x16 PCIe slot required

The Precision Tower 5810, 7810, 7910 systems are equipped with Multiple PCIe slots that will accept an x16 PCIe form factor card. Some of these PCIe slots are not wired as x16 PCIe but x4. If the slot is wired PCIe x4, then only 1 SSD on the interposer card will be detected.

In the situation mentioned above, the card was installed into a x4 PCIe wired slot.

When the card was moved to a true x16 PCIe slot, the card worked as it was designed. PCIe SSD M.2 Interposer cards installed by Dell from the factory are installed in x16 wired PCIe slots.

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Last Date Modified: 10/25/2018 03:22 PM

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