Ultimate VDI protection, end to end, from the edge all the way to the datacenter

Ultimate VDI protection, end to end, from the edge all the way to the datacenter


Proactively protect virtual desktops and thin clients

Viruses and malware continue to evolve with greater sophistication and more ways to infect organizations’ digital assets. Dell differentiates with a unique Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) technology, using new dynamic mathematical models, artificial intelligence and machine learning that doesn’t depend on previously seen patterns and behaviors and doesn’t require human intervention. This enables a revolutionary level of security and management efficiency that extends into Windows Embedded thin clients and VDI hosted environments, in addition to conventional physical PCs.

Protect virtual desktops

End users using virtual desktops can also be infected by a virus or malware, even though the risk is much lower than for those using physical PCs.

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise includes advanced threat prevention and enterprise-class encryption for both physical PCs and Windows virtual desktops running either on Citrix or VMware. Revolutionary advanced threat prevention offers unparalleled efficacy against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats and commodity malware. In fact, testing shows that our protection prevents 99% of malware, far above the average 50% of threats identified by the top anti-virus solutions1. The suite is managed via a single, central console, greatly simplifying data security management and compliance reporting.


Protect Windows-based thin clients

The Dell Wyse zero clients and ThinOS based thin clients natively offer maximum security and are malware resistant with an unpublished API and zero attack surface. They thus do not need any threat protection solution. ipsum

Other thin clients running Windows® Embedded Standard™ (WES) can offer increased flexibility but require a more cautious approach to security as they can still be the target of cyber-attacks via malicious websites or locally through an installed web browser or an infected USB key. Advanced threat protection can now also be installed on Windows-based thin clients to prevent 99% of executable malware, far above the average 50% of threats identified by the top anti-virus solutions1.

Dell Threat Defense is the solution that offers 99% protection against viruses, malware and ransomware when using Dell Wyse thin clients running WES7/7p or Win10 IoT Enterprise. This solution can also protect traditional physical PCs, MacOS systems as well as servers running Microsoft Windows Server in the datacenter for VDI infrastructure.

Protect physical PCs

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise also provides advanced threat prevention, enterprise-class encryption, and authentication for Dell and non-Dell traditional computers running Windows. By choosing Dell, you have access to a single source for all your VDI security solutions, making BYOD initiatives easier to deploy, manage and control. Dell Data Security offers an extended range of data security solutions for all endpoints to better protect your vital assets and your business.

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1 Results from Cylance Unbelievable Demo Tour, Austin, Houston and Dallas Texas, May 2015. Also based on Dell internal testing, November 2016.

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