Dell NetReady Guide

Dell NetReady Guide

The following article provides information on the Dell NetReady service and guides to identify and resolve any issues.

Table of Contents:

  1. Dell NetReady Guide
  2. General Information on Dell NetReady
  3. Dell NetReady Software Troubleshooting
  4. Dell NetReady Hardware Troubleshooting

Dell NetReady Guide

Note: The Dell NetReady service will no longer be available from the 9th of May 2014.

Up to that date, customers will not be able to purchase any new data bundles but will be able to activate any remaining data bundles that have already purchased. After that date, customers can contact a local operator for data connectivity as the Dell NetReady mobile broadband device is not network locked.

This guide will take you through an explanation of what Dell NetReady is and what it does.

This guide will also link to two other guides that will take you through software and hardware troubleshooting to identify any issues you may come across using this service and take you through any repairs.

If you still have questions after finishing these guides, please contact us directly to take it further.

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General Information on Dell NetReady

Dell NetReady is an out-of-the-box high-speed broadband internet connection built into your mobile device, laptop or tablet.

It allows you to travel and stay online, thanks to connectivity provided by O2.

No matter where your business or leisure purposes might take you, you’ll be able to sync your work emails, surf the web or listen to your favourite music.

Just choose the most suitable connection pack from a range of prepaid time or data-bundles and manage your
connectivity the way you need it, all at once or in several sessions.


Free or even paid Wi-Fi hotspots are often shared by many users, making connection speeds slow. Mobile broadband provides consistent 3G/4G speeds so you can make the most of your web experience.


Avoid wasting time and money trying to open new Wi-Fi accounts every time you need it. Dell's built-in mobile broadband allows you to purchase and activate high-speed internet service from an application on your laptop hassle free.


With mobile broadband built into your laptop, there's no need to worry about the integrity of the network you're logged on to or those who might be sharing it with you.

More specific information on the service.

This basically means it's a Mobile Broadband option for your system, that you can choose to have installed when you buy your system.

The Dell NetReady client software is installed at the factory on Windows 7 systems, but has only been factory installed on Windows 8 systems since January 2014.

  • This means that for Windows 8 users who purchased a system prior to January 2014, you must have an internet connection and be logged into the system or the Microsoft store with a Windows Live account, in order for the automatic download of the Dell NetReady app to begin. The download is complete when the Dell NetReady tile appears on the start screen.

The Dell NetReady client will not work if you already have a wired/Wi-Fi connection enabled. You need to turn off the Wired/Wi-Fi connection before you begin to configure and register the service.

  • Technical support will not be able to Dellconnect into the system when using the Dell NetReady service. That means if they Dellconnect in to resolve an issue, they will not be able to test the Dell NetReady service in action.
  • You must disable or disconnect all wired and Wi-Fi connections before using the Dell NetReady service.

The Dell NetReady Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card has the profile of a Spanish SIM card. That means that outside of Spain, you will show as being on a roaming network.

  • When you connect to the 3G network manually, you will need to select the option to allow Data roaming. Windows 7 only.
Note: There are no roaming charges associated with using the Dell NetReady service.

To use the Telefonica Support Tools, you will need to know the ICCID number of the Dell Netready SIM card. The ICCID number can be found within the Subscriber Information field of the Mobile Broadband Properties box.

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Dell NetReady Software Troubleshooting

Dealing with:

  • Troubleshooting your Connectivity.
  • Verifying the correct Dell NetReady software client is used.
  • How to Upgrade to the latest Dell NetReady software client.
  • Issues with your Dell NetReady Transactions.
  • Issues with your Dell NetReady Account Management.

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Dell NetReady Hardware Troubleshooting

Dealing with:

  • Verifying Basic Mobile Broadband operation.
  • Checking the operation of the Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) card.
  • Verifying the operation of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.

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