How to use DSET 2.2 in Windows

How to use DSET 2.2 in Windows

  • DSET is end of life and can no longer be downloaded from the Dell Support site.
  • DSET was replaced by SupportAssist Enterprise as the primary collection tool to be used with Dell EMC technical support.
  • If you wish to still use the tool and have it downloaded steps are below.
  • How to use DSET 2.2 (Linux)

The Dell Server E-Support Tool (DSET) allows you to generate a complete report about your system s configuration and logs, including the ;Server Event Log (SEL) and PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) log.

Gather a DSET2.2 report in Windows:

  1. Run Dell_DSET_2.2.0.118_A01.msi and execute the file by double-clicking it.

    Note: DSET needs to be started with Administrator Rights.
  2. First you will enter the Welcome Page. Click Next.

    Welcome page
    Figure 1: Welcome page

  3. Accept the Software License Agreement, and click Next.

    Software License Agreement
    Figure 2: Software License Agreement

  4. Now you see the Readme Information on the screen. Click Next.

    Readme Information
    Figure 3: Readme Information

  5. On the Installation Type screen, select Create DSET Report only, then click Next.

    The Installation Type Screen
    Figure 4: The Installation Type Screen

  6. You can enter User Information, but this is optional. Click Next.

    User Information
    Figure 5: User Information

  7. On the Report Settings screen, you can specify where the DSET report is saved. The destination folder should already exist.
    Select "Gathering Advanced Configuration Information" to generate advanced logs. Click Next.

    Report Settings
    Figure 6: Report Settings

  8. On the next screen, do not check any of the provided options. Click Next.

    Collection Settings
    Figure 7: Collection Settings

    Note: If an option is checked, the information will not be included in the report. This can impact the diagnostic steps and the resolution of the issue.
  9. The temporary files are now copied onto the system.

    Progress of copying temporary files
    Figure 8: Progress of copying temporary files

  10. The DSET tool will then start gathering the information requested. The creation of the DSET report can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

    DSET gathers information
    Figure 9: DSET gathers information

  11. Once the DSET report is created, the name of the file will be displayed on the last screen. The report is protected with the password "dell" and stored on the desktop or the specified location (step 7). You can review the report or provide it when opening a ticket for an issue.

Note: If the DSET report is not on the desktop, please check the following locations:
  • Windows 2008: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop
  • Windows 2003: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop

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