Recovering Windows on Alienware systems with the Dell Direct USB Key

Recovering Windows on Alienware systems with the Dell Direct USB Key

Recovering Windows on Alienware systems with the Dell Direct USB Key

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Dell Direct USB Key?
  2. How to use the Dell Direct USB Key?

This article will help you to know what the Dell Direct USB key is and how to use it with your Alienware Computer.

1. What is a Dell Direct USB Key?

The Dell Direct USB Key or DUSB key is designed to provide a quick resolution in case of an operating system issue allowing you to recover Windows, back up your data and diagnose your hard drive all at once.

The key will install the following:

  • Operating System – Windows (the version originally shipped with the system).
  • Basic drivers (additional drivers may be required; Refer to Drivers and Downloads).
  • AlienRespawn also known as Dell Backup and Recovery.

2. How to use the Dell Direct USB Key?

To use the DUSB key just watch the video or follow the steps listed below:

Note: If you have a SSD (SSD 2.5", mSATA or M2 type and higher than 128GB of storage space) and you want to install the Operating System on it, move your SSD to the first Boot Priority in the Legacy Boot Options in the System Bios.
  1. Power off the computer.
  2. Disconnect all external devices (except the keyboard, mouse and monitor in case of a desktop). For notebooks, ensure the power adapter is connected.
  3. Connect the DUSB key to the computer.
  4. Power on the computer and tap the F12 key on the keyboard.
  5. Choose the USB key (It may be listed by the device manufacturer, such as Toshiba) from the list and press Enter and then wait for the USB key to prepare the Recovery & Restore Environment.
  6. Select the language.
  7. In the End User License Agreement scroll to the bottom, check "I Accept", and click Continue
  8. The next screen will provide the "Process Overview", click Continue.
  9. They key will now test your Hard Drive. Once the Process is completed it will provide an Analysis of the test performed. Click Continue or Exit based on the analysis provided. If the issue is fixed, clicking on Exit will restart the system back to the desktop.
  10. If the issue is not fixed and you click continue the key will automatically back up your information. If you click on Select More, you would be prompted to connect the external storage device for data backup and if you click on Skip it will just proceed to reinstall Windows from Scratch.
  11. Once the process finishes, remove the DUSB key and click on restart.
  12. The process will now continue automatically and the system may restart several times until finally it takes you to the desktop.
  13. Once there, just follow the instructions on how to install any required additional drivers to have your system completely back up and running.

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