Troubleshooting Print Quality for the Dell V525w and V725w AIO Inkjet Printers

Troubleshooting Print Quality for the Dell V525w and V725w AIO Inkjet Printers

Article Summary: This article describes how to troubleshoot some basic problems with the printing process and print quality for the Dell V525w and V725w AIO inkjet printers.

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Before You Troubleshoot: Make sure your printer has the latest Dell firmware installed. Go to Start, Programs, Dell Printers, and choose your printer model. Click on Product Update and click Check Now. You may set the software to check for updates on a regular basis.

Issue 1: Poor Quality at the Edges of the Page

Unless you are using the borderless feature, use these minimum print margin settings:
  • Left and right margins:
    6.35 mm (0.25 in.) for letter size paper
    3.37 mm (0.133 in.) for all paper sizes except letter
    Top margin: 1.7 mm (0.067 in.)
    Bottom margin: 12.7 mm (0.5 in.)

  • Select the Borderless print feature.
    • For Windows users:
      1. With the photo open, click File then Print.

      2. Click Properties, Preferences, Options, or Setup.

      3. Navigate to the Paper/Finishing tab and select a borderless setting from the paper size options, then click OK.

      4. Click Print.

    • For Macintosh users:
      1. With a photo open, click File then Page Setup.

      2. From the "Format for" pop-up menu, choose your printer.

      3. From the "Paper Size" pop-up menu, choose a paper size that has "Borderless" in its name.

      4. Click OK.

      5. From the menu bar, choose File then Print.

      6. From the "Print Options" pop-up menu, choose Quality & Media.

      7. From the "Paper Type" pop-up menu, choose a paper type.

      8. From the "Print Quality" pop-up menu, choose Best or Photo.

      9. Click Print.

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Issue 2: Streaks or Lines on the Printed Page
  1. Check the ink levels and replace any low or empty ink cartridges.

  2. Select a higher print quality in the print settings for the printer software.

  3. Make sure the ink cartridges are properly installed.

  4. Align the printhead by going into the printer's menu and selecting Setup, Maintenance, and then Align Printer.

  5. Clean or deep clean the printhead nozzles by going into the printer's menu and selecting Setup, Maintenance, and then Clean Printhead.

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Issue 3: Slow Print Speed
  • Select a lower print quality from the printer software.

  • Manually select a paper type that matches the type of paper you are using.

  • Remove and reinstall the printer software

  • Maximize the computer processing speed by closing applications that are not in use and reducing the number an size of graphics and images in the document.

  • Consider adding memory to the computer.

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Issue 4: Printed Pages are Blank
Printing blank pages may be due to the printer being in Manufacturing Test Mode, the instructions below help determine if the printer is in Manufacturing Test Mode and if so how to change it to normal mode.
  1. Select Setup.

  2. Scroll Up or Down to locate Manufactures Test.
    If Manufactures Test is not listed, your printer is not in Manufacturing Test Mode, refer to Dell Knowledge base article Printer is Printing Blank Pages for additional troubleshooting steps.

  3. Press <OK>.

  4. Scroll Up or Down to locate Manufacturing Mode.

  5. Press <OK>.

  6. Select Off.

  7. Press <OK>.

  8. Remove the power supply from the back of the printer to power off the printer.

  9. Reinsert the power supply into back of the printer.

  10. Load plain, unmarked paper.

  11. From the printer control panel navigate to Home , then Setup and , then Maintenance and .

  12. Press the up or down arrow to scroll to Deep Clean Printhead and then press .

  13. Load plain, unmarked paper.

  14. From the Maintenance menu screen, press the up or down arrow button to scroll to Align Printer then press .
    Do not remove the alignment page until printing is finished.

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