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Data Protection Fundamentals

Title Author Description
Backupipedia Dell Wiki with definitions of common backup terms

StorageIO Blog

StorageIO Tips


Greg Schulz Blog, tips, podcasts and videos about all things you need to know for your data center environment
Data Protection Modernizing: More Than Buzzword Bingo Greg Schulz Discussion about today's data protection
Data footprint reduction (part 1): Life beyond dedupe and changing data lifecycles Greg Schulz Discussion of business and IT issues and challenges as they relate to data protection.
Data footprint reduction (part 2): Dell, IBM, Ocarina, and Storwize Greg Schulz Historical article (2010) about how shrinking data footprint impacts data protection
3 Questions to Help SMBs Plan a Backup Strategy Greg Schulz Considerations for SMBs for creating a BU/DR strategy
10 Backup & restore questions that every admin must ask Greg Shields Basic questions about modern backup and restore architectures
Deduplication: Effectively Reducing the Cost of backup and storage Dr. Srinidhi Varadarajan (Dell) Description of types of dedupe, along with rationale for using it for storage savings
How to guarantee 100% recoverability of your backup George Crump Considerations when building a backup plan
Key elements of a successful disaster recovery strategy: virtual and physical Greg Shields Author's opinion of the 4 key elements of a successful DR strategy
Building higher IT business continuity in the face of disaster Dell Considerations for building a recovery plan
Backup and Recovery book wiki Curtis Preston Wiki for the Backup and Recovery book by Curtis Preston, there are several free chapters
The Value of Data Deduplication George Crump High level overview about the basics of dedupe

The Business Value of Data Deduplication

SNIA Presentation slides, focus is on base level understanding of dedupe.

Data Backup Types explained

Brian M Posey Article that defines full backups, incremental and differential backups, and newer types of backups like synthetic and incremental-forever backups.
NOTE: May require registration

Understanding deduplication

Thomas Rivera SNIA presenation that explains deduplication

Tape is still alive, or at least in conversations and discussions

Greg Schulz Discussion of the tape is dead debate

Data Protection modernization, more than swapping out media

Greg Schulz Discussion of data protection best practices
Tape Talk Time Greg Schulz Discussion of the tape is dead debate
Non Disruptive Updates, Needs vs. Wants Greg Schulz issues to think about with regard to the term NDU.
If March 31st is backup day, don't be fooled with restore on April 1st Greg Schulz Things to consider if you want to be able to recover what you back up.

Table 1 : Data Protection Fundamentals

Data Protection for Applications

Title Author Description
In the data center or information factory, not everything is the same Greg Schulz

Discussion of basics to think about when developing a BU/DR plan for multiple applications in an environment

3 Best Practices for Reducing Exchange Downtime Mark Arnold

Discussion of what to think about when backing up Exchange (hint: its more than data)

Exchange Server Disaster Recovery: Planning for the worst, hoping for the best Paul Robichaux

Brian Posey
Older article (based on Exchange 2000/2003) but the core principles are good foundational reading
Microsoft MVP Expert Guide: Windows Server 2008 Backup for VM and Physical Servers Dan Jones Older article (based on Server 2K8), still good foundational reading
SQL Server Database Backup and Restore Planning

Bryan Oliver

Older article (based on SQL Server 2K8), but really good fundamentals about backing up db's

Table 2 : Data Protection for Applications

Data Protection for Virtualization

Title Author Description
Leveraging virtualization for application assurance Dell Discussion of how virtual machines can become part of a backup solution

Table 3 : Data Protection for Virtualization

Data Protection for Hybrid

Title Author Description
Plan Your Storage Future, A look at emerging technologies that could make an impact Greg Schulz Yes, this a storage article, but these are the technologies you may have in a hybrid environment
Data Center for Best Practices for Backup & Recovery Greg Schulz Discusses strategies such as self-service, VTL, snapshots, BC, SLAs
Plan Your Storage Future, know which emerging technologies could make an impact Planning for new tech most likely will mean living in a hybrid environment. Article advises on how to prepare when making a purchase: Know the benefits, understand the potential, be prepared
Maintain Storage & Related Devices: Advice for implementing regular scheduled maintenance on storage systems Yes, another storage article, but data protection is vital when we are talking about maintaining data.
Troubleshoot Backup Problems: what to do before & after issues arise Greg Great article to help you determine how prepared you are in case an issue threatens your data.

Table 4 : Data Protection for Hybrid

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