A guide to Webcam Central 2.0 for your Dell PC

A guide to Webcam Central 2.0 for your Dell PC

Note: This article gives information on the Webcam Central Software. If however you are having problems with your Webcam please use the following link to go to a Webcam troubleshooting article instead:

This article provides information on the uses and features of the Dell Webcam Central 2.0 on your Dell PC.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Dell Webcam Central 2.0?
  2. Installation and Uninstall guides
  3. User Interface and Effects
  4. Settings
  5. Support
  6. Useful Links

What is Dell Webcam Central 2.0?

Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0 is a video capturing and controlling software for supported webcam devices.

Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0 lets you :

  • Make use of H.264 video recording
  • Capture photos and videos
  • Create fun effects on video and audio
  • Share photos, PowerPoint slides and Windows Desktop with the remote party
  • Control video settings
  • Cancel noise on audio
  • Share photos and videos on social networking web sites such as YouTube, Photobucket, Facebook, KinKast, Box.net and Youku(China)

The webcam software was designed to use the embedded camera in Dell notebooks and OptiPlex AIOs.

It will provide video and photo capture capabilities to allow you to make a quick capture of the video. It will also provide a companion console that will allow you to adjust the video of the camera to suit the various lighting environments you have at the time.

During video chat or video conferencing using other third party Instant Messenger software, you can turn on feature like Face Tracking to stop you having to stay rigidly in place during the conversation.

Fun features such as video and audio effects or being able to show an animated character to spice up a video chat has been added for home users. You can have facial effects that add pictures onscreen, things such as headgear, hair, eyewear, etc. You can also change the background to show something other than what's actually behind you. You can choose to use an Avatar instead of showing yourself. The Avatar will be able to sync your head and lip movements. Avatar's can be created using any facial photo.

Note: Compared to the previous versions of Dell Webcam central, parental control is not available on Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0.

Built in Features

  • Video and Photo Capture - Dell Webcam Central
  • Video Settings such as Picture Control, Face Tracking, Pan and Zoom - Dell Webcam Settings
  • Video and Audio Effects such as Voice Morph, Avatars, Video Effects - Dell Webcam Effects
  • Avatar Creation - Live! Cam Avatar Creator
  • Quick access to supported camera application.
  • Photo and Video Capture
  • Preview captured video and photo.
  • Control camera settings.
  • Perform face tracking
  • Pan and Zoom video
  • Apply Video Effects
  • Apply Audio Effects
  • Avatar and Avatar creation

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Installation and Uninstall Guides

System Requirements

Minimum Hardware

  • Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or equivalent AMD® processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 500MB HDD
  • DirectX 9 or above is preinstalled
  • Display monitor screen resolution of 800 pixels x 436 pixels or above.


  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 3 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit / 64-bit
  • Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 32-bit / 64-bit

Install and Uninstall Guides.

Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0 will be pre-installed from the factory and will be shipped without media for reinstallation of the software.


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User Interface and Effects

Launching The Application

Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0 software can be launched by clicking on Start –> All Programs–> Dell Webcam–> Dell Webcam Central.

Dell Webcam User Screen

Dell Webcam Console

User Controls

Buttons Functions
Snap Photos
Displays the Snap Photos window.
Record Video
Displays the Record Videos window.
Captures a Photo.
More Options
Displays or hides the Photo Settings pane.
Displays the Effects pane.
Media Show
Displays the Media Show pane.
Media Show enables you to share slideshows of photos or PowerPoint files during the video chat sessions.
Desktop Share
Displays the Desktop Share pane.
With Desktop Share, you can share your desktop view with your chat partner - live!
Video Effects
Displays the Video Effects pane.
Video Effects enables you to add fun and interesting effects to the webcam video.
Displays the Avatar pane.
Avatars enable you to let your video chats come to life with dynamic avatars.
Displays the Settings pane.
Effects and Settings Pane
Displays or hides the Effects and Settings pane.
Capture or IM Mode
Displays the Capture or Instant Messenger (IM) mode Window.
Displays the Help file.
Reduces the window.
Enlarges the window.
Closes the window.

Under the User interface you will get :

  • Operation Modes
  • Snap Photos
  • Record Videos
  • Effects Window

The Effects Window gives you :

Video Effects

Covers scenes, face effects, filters, accessories, face paste and doodling.


Various downloadable avatars and emoticons.

Media Show

Show pictures and video whilst on a Chat.

Desktop Share

As it sounds, lets you share you desktop.

The Effects Window allows you to have fun by adding video and voice effects while you're having video chat with someone via IM application or Skype.

Example: You can personalize their identity with an avatar and speaks with emotion by applying voice effects.

Note: When streaming HD video, the following effects will not be available, because these effects will most likely result in high processor usage.
  • Video Effects
  • Avatar
  • Media Show
  • Desktop Share
In Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0, HD video refers to video which has a resolution equal to or higher than 1280 x 720. Recall that for such a resolution, the video is recorded as AVI file, not WMV file.

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The Settings Window contains the Picture Control and the View Control. The Settings Window allows you to control the property settings of the camera.

Note: When streaming HD video, View Control will not be available because this setting will most likely result in high processor usage. In Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0, HD video refers to video which has a resolution equal to or higher than 1280 x 720. Recall that for such a resolution, the video is recorded as AVI file, not a WMV file.
Picture Control Panel

allows you to manually set the camera property settings. The available camera property settings that can be set vary with different cameras.

Flicker Control

This sets the power frequency for the camera so as to eliminate flickering in the video display.


The user can set the backlight accordingly for low light condition.

Brightness, Contrast, Colour, Gamma

These set the brightness, contrast, colour and gamma of the video.

Mirror Image

This option flips the video image horizontally.

Anti-Motion Blur

This option can enhance the video image if the image is blurry due to low frame rate.

Note: The image quality may deteriorate if it is under low light conditions.

The Restore Default Button allows the user to restore back the default camera property settings.

View Control Panel
Pan & Zoom

In these settings you can zoom in to the video. After the video is zoomed in, you can then control the camera view without physically moving the camera. Dell™ WebCam Central 2.0 allows you to adjust the camera view by panning horizontally, vertically and diagonally in eight different directions from within the application.

Note: Pan & Zoom is mutually exclusive with Face Tracking.
Face Tracking

Uses motion and colour detection technologies that allow you to move freely without the need to constantly reposition the camera. It recognises your skin tone and detects your movement, your face automatically remains visible in the video frame.

Note: Face Tracking is mutually exclusive with Pan & Zoom.

When Face Tracking is turned on you get the following options:


This determines the tracking mode. Which can be either continuous or Periodic.


This determines the tracking speed. Which are fast, normal or slow.

Show Original Video

This determines whether to show or hide the original video frame on top of the video. When this option is selected, the original frame will be positioned on the right of the video.

Other Features Supported by Dell™ Webcam Central 2.0 are:

  • It is designed and developed to support MUI.
  • It will support the multi-touch feature of Windows 7.
  • It allows the user to manually resize the application GUI window.
  • There are two sets of application GUI skins are included in Dell Webcam Central.
  1. 927 pixels x 720 pixels. This GUI skin will be used if the resolution of the display monitor is equal to or greater than 927 x 720.

  2. 800 pixels x 536 pixels. This GUI skin will be used if the resolution of the display monitor is lower than 927 x 720.

  • It is designed and developed to support portrait orientation of display monitor.
  • It will support selected H.264 cameras. Specifically, it is able to support some of the H.264 cameras from the camera vendor Quanta.

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Support under warranty for this product comes under two headings. Hardware and Software.

Under hardware support we would look to troubleshoot your system to ensure the hardware is working before we would look to investigate any software issues you may be experiencing.

Software troubleshooting is limited due to the nature of the software. You will normally be taken through the install/uninstall of the software and there is limited support for initial configuration when you first get your PC.

Support outside of the warranty is exactly the same, except that the support would be chargeable.

If this guide hasn't covered what you need, as always you can try our technical support at online Chat, Twitter and Email or call in to your local support.

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Useful Links

Here are some useful links to other article dealing with the Webcam.

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