How to get the latest firmware for Dell Wyse ThinOS

How to get the latest firmware for Dell Wyse ThinOS

A Dell Wyse Device Bundled License is automatically included with the purchase of a Dell Wyse ThinOS or Xenith client. At the time of manufacture the client is preloaded with the latest ThinOS or Xenith operating system version available.

A Software Maintenance contract (not included with the thin client device) is required to access software upgrades. The Software maintenance contracts must be registered on the Dell Digital Locker using the registration code received with purchase of the maintenance agreement.

Downloading Wyse Software

Visit the Wyse Support Download website for access to drivers, firmware, add-ons and updates

Licensed Wyse software and digital Licenses that were available in the Wyse Self Service Portal are now available through Dell Digital Locker. Dell Digital Locker allows you to access licensed software products, download license keys, view software entitlements, and more.

Software titles and product keys available in Dell Digital Locker are:

  1. Wyse Device Manager
  2. PC Extender
  3. Thin Client Extender
  4. ThinOS Maintenance
  5. ThinOS Lite Maintenance
  6. Cloud Client Manager

Access to free downloadable software is now available via the Dell File Download website.

Software titles available at the Dell File Download Site are:

  1. PC Extender
  2. TCX Suite
  3. Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool
  4. Wyse Configuration Manager
  5. Wyse Device Agent
  6. Wyse Device Manager
  7. Wyse Management Suite

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