Perc S100/S110/S300 : How to replace a failed hard drive on a software RAID

Perc S100/S110/S300 : How to replace a failed hard drive on a software RAID

Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: "Raid and Disks" available here .

This article explains how to replace a failed disk in a Perc S100 card.

As a reminder, the Perc S100 card is a RAID solution is compatible only with Windows Server software. This card is not compatible with Vmware Esx or Linux.

Important Information:

This procedure applies only to replace a failed hard drive (FAILED state).

Dell recommends that you make a full backup of your data to perform an action on your RAID.


When starting the server (before the launch of the operating system), press the Control and R buttons to access the BIOS of the Perc S100 / S110 / S300.

When you change a disk in the server with a Perc S100 / S110 / S300, the new hard disk appears in stauts "NO RAID"

This disc is not recognized as part of the RAID. On board, the Perc S100 / S110 / S300 applies a specific signature. To integrate it into the RAID, we're going to erase the signature.

To integrate this disk in the RAID, you must operate as follows:

Scroll down to the option: Delete Virtual Disk (s) and press the Enter key.

Select the Disk in NonRAID (in our example: 1-NonRAID)

Press the Insert key to select disk 1.

Press the Enter key and you will get the following screen:

Press the C key to confirm. (The drive will enter Ready.)

We'll move this disk to backup (Hotspare).

Scroll down to Manage Global Hot Spare (s) and press the Enter key.

Select Assign Global Hot Spare (s) then make the key Grafted:

Select the drive that we have just passed in READY state and press the Insert key:

Then press the Enter key to confirm.

Press the m key to return to the Main Menu.

RAID is managed by the software, the rebuild will not start untill the server is rebooted

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