Chromebox for Meetings: Visual Guide to your Peripherals

Chromebox for Meetings: Visual Guide to your Peripherals

The following article provides a visual guide to your Chromebox for Meetings Peripherals that you can purchase with the system.

Table of Contents:

  1. Webcam
  2. Speaker Phone
  3. Remote Control
  4. P Bracket
  5. Power Adapter and Cable



(Fig.1 Webcam)

Feature Specification
HD Video Full HD 1080p with H.264
Photo Quality 15 MP
Focus Type 20-step Autofocus (10cm and beyond)
Built-In Noise-Cancelling Microphone Dual Stereo
Auto Light Correction Yes
Viewing Angle 78° (appropriate for room of 4-8 people)

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Speaker Phone

Speaker Phone

(Fig.2 Speaker Phone)

1 Mute 2 Volume Decrease
3 Volume Increase 4 Leave the call / Hang up
5 Join the call / Answer 6 3.5mm Headset Connector (on rear of speaker)
Feature Specification Benefits
Connectivity USB Cable Plug and Play connectivity to PC softphone/UC systems.
Full compatibility with Google+ Hangouts Seamless integration and call control with Google+ Hangouts
Audio Built-in omni-directional microphone 360-degreee coverage enabling hands-free collaboration and allowing attendees to hear and to be heard from all angles
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology Crystal-clear sound without echoes or distorted sounds, even at maximum volume level.

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Remote Control

Remote Control Front

(Fig.3 Remote Control Front)

1 Settings 2 Navigation Buttons
3 Enter 4 Hang Up
5 Mute

Remote Control Rear

(Fig.4 Remote Control Rear)

1 Function Button 2 Settings

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P Bracket

  1. Remove the stand from the flat panel.

Remove the Stand

(Fig.5 Remove the Stand)

Remove the 4 screws

(Fig.6 Remove the 4 screws)

Attach the Bracket using the 4 screws

(Fig.7 Attach the Bracket using the 4 screws)

  1. Removed the four (4) screws from the mounting slot.

    1. Fasten the P-Bracket mount to the mounting slot with the four (4) screws.

    1. Slide the flat panel stand back into place.

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Power Adapter and Cable

Power Adapter

(Fig.8 Power Adapter)

Line cord

(Fig.9 Line Cord)

Type 65 W Series Description
Input Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Output Current 3.34 A
Output Power 15 W / 28 W
Output Voltage 19.5 V

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