How-To Dell Server : Support Tutorials and Diagnostic Tools

How-To Dell Server : Support Tutorials and Diagnostic Tools

This page explains how to perform support operations on Dell PowerEdge servers. It includes where to find and use the diagnostic tools for Dell Servers. If neded the restart and reset procedures is detailled. If possible, before engaging in any resolution, it is advised to update the faulty component. Fore more information, please read the article Update Server Firmware for Optimal Performances.

Accelerate Support Resolution and generate system logs

Generate Logs
  1. How to export a SupportAssist Log Collection from SupportAssist Enterprise? SLN306547
    1. Step by step under Windows HOW11858
    2. Step by step under Linux HOW11927
  2. How to export a SupportAssist Log Collection from the iDRAC?
  3. How to install OMSA on VMWare to collect a SAE Log Collection? HOW10613
  4. How to generate a Diagnostic Report (DSET 2.2) from the OS on legacy servers? SLN286543

Use a Support Live Image to access a temporary operating system (Live CD)
Using the Support Live Image (SLI) is recommanded when there is a problem with the Operating System (OS). For example if the server does not boot on the OS, this is a good way to check that the hardware is working fine. It can also be used to install an update that cannot be done directly from the OS.
How to download and run the Support Live Image on a Dell PowerEdge? SLN305214

Start Server Troubleshooting

Basic and advanced troubleshooting methods
How can I Reset or Restart my Dell Server? SLN305244
How to boot into the BIOS or the Lifecycle Controller SLN167315
How to reset the BIOS on a Dell PowerEdge Server? SLN302725
How to troubleshoot a Server that does not start : No Power, No POST or No Boot? SLN111201
How to check is server hardware is working properly with embedded diagnostics? SLN292190
How to gather logs for advanced troubleshooting? SLN292191

Dell eSupport Features

How to identify the generation of a Server? SLN294897
How to contact Dell Support and open an Online Case for my Dell PowerEdge Server? SLN292192
How to find drivers for servers on the Dell Support site? SLN302756
How to identify the PPID (Piece Part Identification) on Dell parts? SLN306267
How to use "My Account" on Dell Support Site for Support Services? SLN304159.
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If the warranty of the server has expired, available support solutions are listed in this article (SLN303270).
Additionals parts can be ordered to repair or upgrade the server.

Simulators for iDRAC, CMC and LifeCycle Controller are provided in article SLN303941.

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