gPXE and network deployment of operating systems

gPXE and network deployment of operating systems

This wiki is written by Shiva Katta and Krishnaprasad K from Dell Hypervisor Engineering team.

This wiki talks about a specific gPXE timeout issue while deploying operating systems over the network. It talks about the workarounds possible to resolve the issue as well.

What's gPXE?

Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) provides the ability to boot computers using network interface. gPXE is an open-source Preboot Execution Environment implementation and network boot loader. It replaces proprietary PXE ROMs with many functionalities like retrieving data through protocols like HTTP, iSCSI etc. Some of the latest operating systems and hypervisors like VMware ESXi 5.x need gPXE as a pre-requisite for deploying via network. If you already have a legacy PXE implementation, then you can migrate to gPXE by placing gPXE executable on your TFTP server. The PXE capable machines download gPXE via TFTP and instantly become gPXE capable machines.

This document is intended towards datacenter administrators who would be interested in automating the Operating System deployment on multiple servers in parallel.

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Last Date Modified: 08/16/2018 07:45 AM

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