HPC Storage & File Systems

HPC Storage & File Systems

HPC systems

Storage & File Systems - An important aspect of HPC systems, blogs here will cover storage strategies from storage solutions to file systems.

Another Possible Tool for Handling the Data Deluge in HPC on a Budget. Part 5

Another Possible Tool for Handling the Data Deluge in HPC on a Budget. Part 5
In the last installment of this blog, we discussed the differences between an HSM, a Backup and an Archive. Here we will go further into the differences, specifically by way of use-examples.

HPC Scalability and Performance in the DT-HSS3 solution

When scalability and performance of storage are part of your system needs, the Dell | Terascala High-performance Storage Solution (DT-HSS) is the key to fast performance and large scale storage requirements. This blog discusses the third generation of the DT-HSS as a scale-out, fast-access storage solution aimed at accommodating high performance and high efficiency computing customers, while providing fast speed access to a large capacity, single namespace filesystem for any reason.

NFS Storage Solution with High Availability - an overview

The Dell NFS Storage Solution (NSS) now comes in two flavors – with and without High Availability. This blog discusses the High Availability Solution introduced in April 2011.

HSM is NOT a Backup System and should not be confused with one. The next blog installment on Hierarchical Storage Management by Dell's Dr. Mark Fernandez.

Diving deeper, Dell's Dr. Mark Fernandez dives deeper into the the roles & responsibilities of HSM solutions.

Proteomics researchers at Utrecht University talk about the Dell solution that's helping them keep data safe, secure and accessible. Their mass spectrometers determine a peptide or protein every 100 milliseconds -- producing vast amounts of data to support research into cell behaviour and diseases such as cancer. With the Dell DX Object Storage Platform, they have enormously fast backup, lower power and cooling costs, and high-speed data transfer with Intel processor technology.

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Dell's Dr. Mark Fernadez adds to a recent HPC Storage white paper, overviewing how a Hierarchical Storage Management system, or HCM, an other tool that can help with high performance computing storage.

Recorded and uploaded by insideHPC's Rich Brueckner, panelists discuss the future of HPC storage solutions. Panelists include: Hussein Harake - CSCS, Brent Welch - Panasas, Onur Celebioglu -- Dell, and Torben Kling Petersen - Xyratex.

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Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution Part 2

This is a follow up to Part 1 of the Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution series. In this post I’ll go into a bit more detail about the solution – particularly how it’s administered via the GUI interface and I’ll also talk about some of the metadata performance results.

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Scott Collier

Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution Part I

An introduction to the Dell | Terascala HPC Storage Solution, including insight into how it was configured at the Dell lab.

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Scott Collier
Comparing Different PV1200 Connection Topologies

This post is an intermediate study and the results will be used to configure an NFS server to share Dell PowerVault MD1200 storage to an HPC cluster through NFS.

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