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How to create volumes on an EqualLogic array

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Platform - Applies to EqualLogic array PS4000,PS5000,PS5500,PS6000,PS6010,PS6500,PS6510


How do I create volumes on my EqualLogic array?


Once the array has been successfully initialized, volumes can be created. Volume access is managed with an access control list (ACL). The volume's ACL needs to be set up with the host system's information in order to connect and initiate I/O traffic. This is accomplished by adding a CHAP user, an IP address, or an iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) for all the initiators that require access to the desired volume. If multiple initiators are used in a cluster environment, please mark the checkbox that enables shared access to the iSCSI target from multiple initiators. Modification of the initiator's details will need to be added to the access control list of the volume to ensure connectivity to the host. Once the volumes are created and configured, the host system can perform storage discovery. The steps on creating a volume once logged into the EqualLogic GUI group manager are:
  1. Select ‘Volumes’ from the left navigation bar, right click and select ‘Create Volume’
  2. In the Volume Settings window, please enter your Volume name and an optional brief description.
  3. In the Space reserve window, please enter the appropriate Volume size.
  4. In the iSCSI access window, please select the appropriate access. For example, CHAP, IP address, or iSCSI initiator name. Make sure to enable shared access to the iSCSI target from multiple initiators when using a clustered environment.
  5. In the Summary window, review your settings and click Finish.

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