How to install Oracle ASM without ULN or a Local YUM Repository

How to install Oracle ASM without ULN or a Local YUM Repository

Applies to:

Operating Systems: RHEL 5.x, OEL 5.x (Compatible Kernel, non-UEK)


How do I install and configure ASM?


First, you will need to go to the following link and obtain three rpms:

From this web page we will need:
NOTE: The latest versions of both oracleasm-support and oracleasmlib can be downloaded but the version of oracleasm must match the current kernel used by your machine. This information can be found by issuing the command "uname -r"

As this article's scope does not include subscription to an online repository we will not concern ourselves with package managers such as yum or up2date.

Enter the following command as root:

rpm -Uvh oracleasm-support-* oracleasmlib-* oracleasm-$(uname -r)-*
NOTE: These *'s can either be replaced by the correct version numbers of the packages in question or they can be left in place for the command pending that there are not multiple versions of these packages in your shell's current working directory.

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