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How to configure IPMI for Oracle 11g R2

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Versions 5.x
Oracle Enterprise Linux Versions 5.x


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How do I configure IPMI for my Oracle 11g R2 installation?


NOTE: This example is using Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.x but the methods are applicable across Enterprise Linux offerings
NOTE: Make sure the machine has BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) running firmware compatible with IPMI 1.5 or later and configured for remote control.
  • Verify that the BMC is accessible and controllable from a remote node in your cluster using the bmc info command. For example, if node2-ipmi is the network hostname assigned to the BMC for node2, then to verify the BMC on node2 from node1 enter the following command on node1:
  • $ ipmitool -H node2-ipmi -U bmcuser -P password bmc info
NOTE: The bmcuser is the administrator account. If the BMC is correctly configured, then the information about the BMC on the remote node is displayed

If you see an error message, such as
Error: Unable to establish LAN session, check the BMC configuration on the remote nodes. Please follow the step by step guide to configure IPMI found below:
  • Once all the prerequisites are met, IPMI can be configured for Oracle 11g R2 installation.
  • During Oracle 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure installation at step 11, Failure Isolation Support window, within the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) select 'Use Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and enter the appropriate credentials.
configure IPMI for Oracle 11g R2
Figure 1: Configure IPMI for Oracle 11g R2
  • Oracle Grid infrastructure installation OUI proceeds to next step without any error if the username and password provided in the previous step are correct, If the OUI throws any error message, please check the user credentials and make sure IPMI is configured and working properly.

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