VMworld 2013 Dell Booth Presentation Schedule

VMworld 2013 Dell Booth Presentation Schedule

List of Dell Booth Theater Speakers @ VMworld 2013 (in the Expo Hall at Moscone South)

For more information about Dell at VMworld 2013, visit the Dell VMworld 2013 wiki page
  • Name: Dan O’Farrell
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Sun. Aug. 25, 4:20pm & Mon. Aug 26, 5:20pm
  • Title: Cloud Client Computing Abstract: Learn how Dell Cloud Client Computing can be used in your organization to create a complete end-to-end user experience.
  • Name: Ziad Lamman
  • Company: Teradici
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Sun. Aug. 25, 5:00pm
  • Title: Dell and Teradici PCoIP Cloud Solutions Abstract: Since 2009, Teradici and Dell Wyse have partnered to deliver secure, high performance and easy to manage PCoIP zero clients. Visit the Dell Theatre at VMworld to learn about the latest PCoIP client and cloud solutions that Teradici and Dell are delivering this year!
  • Name: Tisa Murdock
  • Company: VMware
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Sun. Aug 25, 5:40pm
  • Name: Jason Boche
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Sun. Aug. 25, 6:20pm
  • Title: What's new with Compellent and VMware Abstract: Demo the VSP 2.0 and RM 7.0
  • Name: Tom Rose
  • Company: Unidesk
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug 26, 11:20am & Tues. Aug 27, 1:20pm
  • Title: Customers Accelerate VMware Horizon View Projects with Unidesk and Dell Wyse Abstract: Joint Unidesk and Dell Wyse customers such as UConn, California Dept. of Water Resources, Waxahachie ISD, and Hamilton County, Indiana are benefiting from broad VMware View adoption. Learn from customer case studies how to overcome the application delivery, image management, and storage optimization challenges that can stall VDI projects.
  • Name: Brent Doncaster & Courtney Burry
  • Company: Dell & VMware
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug 25, 12:00pm
  • Title: Delivering high performance virtual desktops to branch and remote offices Abstract: Dell and VMware and have teamed up to optimize desktop performance for local branch users with an jointly validated architecture that combines Dell SonicWall WAN Acceleration Appliances (WXA/Firewall ) with Dell’s enterprise desktop virtualization solution powered with VMware Horizon View. This session will provide an overview of the unique design and performance characteristics of this branch office solution.
  • Name: Andrew McDaniel
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug. 26, 12:40pm
  • Title: Dell DVS Enterprise Solutions with VMware Horizon View Abstract: This technical session will detail how Dell engineering has designed and integrated Dell converged infrastructure (Active System 50/200/800/1000) platforms with VMware virtualization software to create pre-engineered, pre-tested solutions that simplify the deployment, provisioning and management of desktop virtualization. We will also review how integrating VMware Horizon View With the Dell PowerEdge VRTX platform can support up to 55o virtual desktop users.
  • Name: Ben Chong Company: VMware
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug 26, 2:00pm
  • Name: Dr. Ulrich Knechtel
  • Company: NVIDIA
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug 26, 2:40pm
  • Title: NVIDIA GRID & Dell: GPU Acceleration for the Cloud Abstract: You can’t buy a phone, computer, tablet, PC or workstation today without a GPU. Why would you expect a server without graphics to successfully serve the same users? And now they don’t have to. NVIDIA GRID for enterprise enables IT managers to deliver an experience equal to a local PC with all the promised benefits of a virtual desktop environment. As enterprises look to move PCs to the data center, users are requiring the modern PC experience that they have come to expect from their desktop. Users are not willing to go back to Windows 95. We'll show you how NVIDIA GRID and Dell solutions are being enabled in the most common hypervisors, and talk about the technology behind GPUs in virtual environments.
  • Name: Danalynne Wheeler
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug. 26, 3:20pm
  • Title: Embracing a Multi-Cloud Reality Abstract: As cloud adoption continues to grow, a new reality is emerging. Cloud users are not locking down on one technology or cloud format, they are using a variety of solutions that meet a wide swath of needs. The result is the multi-cloud environment, or the situation in which the organization is tasked with managing several different cloud solutions and technologies. This need is placing new demands that can both facilitate agile solutions AND provide governance. Choice is a given, the market has spoken. So how can you manage it? Join Danalynne Wheeler, Dell Software Group, who reveals new thinking in cloud deployments and management so organizations can successfully embrace multi-cloud environments today and into the future.
  • Name: Tac Berry
  • Company: Avaya
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug. 26, 4:00pm
  • Title: Effective Real time communications on a thin client Abstract: How Dell and Avaya have joined together to provide effective real time communications solutions to business utilizing virtualization and thin clients. New technology and a grounds up approach to solving the shortcomings of implementing real time communications in a virtualized desktop solution now make it a reality. This joint solution provides superior quality communications while taking advantage of virtualization, the cost savings of thin clients, and the security control that business have been looking for.
  • Name: Jim Wynia
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Mon. Aug. 26, 4:40pm
  • Title: Evolving the network: Dell S6000 Cloud / Virtualization Switch and Dell S5000 Unified Storage Switch Abstract: The S6000 switch running feature rich Enterprise FTOS offers a rich set of high-performance IPv4, IPv6, and advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching capabilities, as well as simplified connectivity to any virtual and physical LAN infrastructure. In an ultra-dense 32x40G port, one rack unit top of rack form factor, Dell’s S6000 gateway offers scalability and performance connecting virtualized workloads to physical infrastructure helping customers realize the network agility that VMware NSX offers for private, public and hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Name: Simon Clephan & Nick Volosin
  • Company: AppSense & Kaweah Delta Health Care District
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 11:20am & Wed. Aug. 28, 11:00am
  • Title: AppSense for Dell DVS: Enabling user virtualization and user environment management for a high quality, productive end-user experience Abstract: AppSense and Kaweah Delta will present how AppSense enables superior End-User management and productivity when combined with the Dell DVS stack. The discussion will focus on clinician productivity improvements through faster logon and reconnect times, self-healing desktops, user-controlled, application-level roll back and automatic, location-aware printing. Time permitting, we will highlight the savings (RoI of 284% and a payback period of 5 months) as validated by Forrester Research when implementing AppSense, pointing out four key areas: IT operating costs, worker productivity savings, capital expense costs and costs from the Windows XP to Windows 7 migration
  • Name: Scott Hollis
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 12:00pm
  • Title: Moving from Infrastructure-centric to Service-centric IT Abstract: IT must ensure that business users and customers have always-on access to critical applications and services while concurrently reducing costs via increasing productivity and reduced risk. Complexity continues to increase given today’s multi-cloud paradigms combined with existing private-cloud, virtualized, and physical infrastructures. This presentation will address new approaches to help IT to optimize physical/virtual/cloud infrastructures, automate administration, and elevate their focus from infrastructure-centric to IT service-centric.
  • Name: Gus Chavira
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug 27, 12:40pm
  • Title: High performance virtualized 3D graphics solutions Abstract: This technical session will describe the architectural design and performance characterization for Dell DVS Enterprise advanced virtualized 3D graphics solutions powered by VMware View vSGA (shared mode), vDGA (pass-thru mode) and NVIDIA GRID GPUs. These high performance solutions can support up to 42 users per host server, and provide all users in the enterprise with the power to run today’s graphics intensive 3D and multi-media applications in virtualized environments.
  • Name: Greg Schulz
  • Company: StorageIO
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 2:00pm
  • Title: Getting back to our roots – what do you need to know to architect an effective backup and recovery plan for your organization Abstract: Are you the administrator or IT manager who is responsible for planning and executing your org’s data protection plan? Do you a place to ask questions concerning backing up specific applications, hypervisors, or how to consider using the cloud as a backup location? Come hear storage expert Greg Schulz explain how to getting back to our roots can help you sift through the vendor hype around backups and choose the best data protection solution for your company.
  • Name: Scott Powers
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 2:40pm
  • Title: Active Infrastructure Case Study: Indianapolis Airport Authority Abstract: The Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) is owner and operator of Indiana’s largest airport system, which serves more than 7 million travelers each year, is home to world’s 2nd largest FedEx Express operations, and supports approx. 10,000 employees on a given day. IAA has a small IT team, and was challenged with streamlining data center infrastructure and operations to better serve immediate and future business needs. IAA chose the Dell Active System to accomplish this goal. By leveraging the Dell Active System solution, IAA was able to reduce server deployment time from 3 days to less than 1 hour, experience a 20% reduction in administrative staff cost, and consolidate 5 rows of equipment to 3 racks.
  • Name: Ozan Talu
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 3:20pm
  • Title: ITO Managed Services is a win-win for Dell Private Cloud Services Abstract: Infrastructure Managed Service capabilities that ITO customers enjoy are also necessities for Hosted Private Cloud customers. Dell has taken the approach of building utility based consumption model of its Infrastructure Managed Service capabilities to deliver its hosted private cloud service – Dell Cloud Dedicated. This session will discuss Dell’s synergistic approach in cross leveraging cloud and ITO services and review of customer use cases of its private cloud.
  • Name: TJ Lamphier
  • Company: Trend Micro
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 4:00pm
  • Title: Don't Let Security Slow Down Your VDI Deployment Abstract: Test results prove that virtualizing your antivirus/anti-malware security can significantly boost your performance over traditional antivirus. IT organizations today are embracing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to reduce operating costs, provide users with a wide choice of devices, and improve application performance. At the same time, these businesses are facing increased attacks from sophisticated malware that pose significant security risks. Dell understands the unique challenges of properly securing virtual desktop environments. That’s why they are partnering with Trend Micro, a leader in virtualization security, and tested the Trend Micro Deep Security™ solution for VDI. Unlike traditional AV solutions that can significantly reduce VM density and require complex management, a recent Dell VDI AV/AM test shows that Deep Security delivers two to three times greater VDI performance.
  • Name: Moe Khan
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 4:40pm
  • Title: Technical look at GPU Virtualization and Lync Softphone offload with VMWare Horizon View Abstract: Technical outline of how to turn on GPU virtualization and softphone offload with horizon view. Discuss gotchas, best practices, and expectations. Deliver a live demo of the technologies reviewed on stage.
  • Name: Manoj Gujarathi & Matt Paul
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Tues. Aug. 27, 5:20pm
  • Title: From an open box to a running host in under 30 minutes Abstract: Updating firmware on server infrastructure in a virtualized datacenter is a challenging task. Understanding what is required, when to update and how to ensure workload uptime is critical to the continued success of a datacenter. Using the OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter administrators have knowledge of what updates are available from Dell as well as their criticality. The OpenManage integration leverages Dell’s iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller and vCenter integration to put servers in maintenance mode, update firmware, and exit servers from maintenance mode in an automated fashion.
  • Name: David Lancaster & Chris Orlando
  • Company: Dell & ScaleMatrix
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 10:20am
  • Title: Choice, Control and Stellar Capabilities: Dell Cloud on Demand with ScaleMatrix Abstract: The cloud market has spoken: Customers want choice and flexibility, with the right tools to manage and control their cloud environments. Dell’s public cloud strategy, which features best in breed partners combined with proprietary management tools offers just that. Come hear how Dell and our partner, ScaleMatrix, offer you the best in VMware based public cloud.
  • Name: Jason Raymond
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 11:40am
  • Title: Dell Data Protection - This ain't your grandma's backup Abstract: Dell has acquired several pieces of data protection technology over the past couple of years. If you are an IT professional or manager who is responsible for protecting your organization’s data, come hear the plans for making this technology available to you.
  • Name: Preetham Mukhatira
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 12:20pm
  • Title: Accelerate VMware VDI deployments with Active Systems and Active System Manager Abstract: The goal of this session is to talk about the value of a Converged infrastructure solution in a VDI . We start by describing the architecture of the AS50 and then demonstrating how Active System Manager can accelerate the deployment of a VMware Horizon View VDI infrastructure. Notes: We would like this session to be scheduled around DSV sessions that talk about the VDI workload on an AS50.
  • Name: Tyler Rorher
  • Company: Liquidware Labs
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 1:00pm
  • Title: The next Generation Desktop Virtualization: Achieving consistency in a fluid environment Abstract: One common mistake often made when implementing Desktop Virtualization is to aim for a static architecture. By the time deployment is complete, at least one component will need to be updated: OS, applications or even the location of the virtual desktops. The end result is a constant pursuit of an ever changing target. In this presentation, Dell & Liquidware Labs share their experience from successful projects built for changes, can support migration, OS update and even hybrid cloud environment. Start by focusing on the only constant: the user.
  • Name: Jason Mafera
  • Company: Imprivata
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 1:40pm
  • Title: Save clinicians more than 15 minutes a day Abstract: Learn how Imprivata OneSign, Dell Wyse and VMware save care providers at least 15 minutes per day by combining authentication and single sign-on, desktop roaming and thin and zero clients. Doctors and nurses enjoy fast secure access to patient information from any location. IT improve security and decrease management tasks all while improving user satisfaction.
  • Name: Nicholas Sweere & Vikram Belapurkar
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 2:20pm
  • Title: Dell-VMware Storage Integrations Abstract: Discuss how Compellent integrations with VMware simplify storage and VM management, speed resource delivery, reliably recover data and VMs, and provide robust monitoring.
  • Name: Sean Donahue
  • Company: RES Software
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 3:00pm
  • Title: RES Software and Dell Cloud Client Computing--Greater Productivity for the Virtualized Workspace Abstract: RES Software's mission is to make IT organizations 10x more productive at delivering IT services and managing users' workspaces. Join us to hear the top 3 business problems IT professionals solve using a joint Dell and RES Software solution. Get a peek into a real customer's journey to reduce cost and complexity while at the same time delighting their end-users.
  • Name: Rodger McArthur
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 3:40pm
  • Title: Blindspots: Addressing the Gap between Assessment and Implementation Abstract: A holistic understanding of the existing environment is key to successful virtual desktop adoption. Success depends on understanding the impact of everything from user applications to email to printing and more. Determining how, when, and who to address these changes is the basis of design integration. Drive success, improved adoption rate, and increased user satisfaction through 360 degree integration design. An organization needs to fully understand its current environment, identify the changes, plan for the integration, and identify what tasks must be completed by them or their integrator. During this briefing we will discuss real world implementations and how 360 degree integration design stopped challenges before they started.
  • Name: David Glynn
  • Company: Dell
  • Date(s) & Time(s): Wed. Aug. 28, 4:20pm

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