Inventory DRAC IP Information Using ConfigMgr

Inventory DRAC IP Information Using ConfigMgr


There are just a few steps to follow in order to collect this valuable information. Basically, you just need to expand your SMS_DEF.MOF, make sure you have OMSA on your servers, and wait for the data to come in!


In order to retrieve the inventory information from the hardware and place it into the correct class in WMI, you must install Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA).

Modify the MOF

To modify your ConfigMgr inventory, you need to modify the SMS_DEF.MOF file. This file is located in the <ConfigMgrInstallDirectory>\inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv directory. Save off a copy of your existing mof (always a good idea!), then add this to the bottom of the file:
// Start Dell DRAC Properties

#pragma namespace ("\\\\.\\root\\cimv2\\sms")
#pragma deleteclass("Dell_RemoteAccessServicePort",NOFAIL)

[SMS_Report(True),SMS_Group_Name("Dell DRAC Properties"),SMS_Class_ID("Dell|Dell_RemoteAccessServicePort|1.0"), SMS_Namespace(FALSE), Namespace("\\\\\\\\.\\\\root\\\\CIMV2\\\\Dell")]
class Dell_RemoteAccessServicePort : SMS_Class_Template

[SMS_Report(TRUE),key] string AccessInfo;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)] uint16 EnabledDefault;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)] uint16 EnabledState;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)] string Status;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)] string SystemName;
[SMS_Report(TRUE)] string VersionString;

// End Dell DRAC Properties

Save and close this file. The site server will automatically process this change and hand down the new inventory additions to your clients. Assuming you have OMSA installed on your servers, then the DRAC information will come in with your next hardware inventory.


Here are a couple of sample reports you might find helpful once you get inventory back from your clients.

****MOFs will be attached later for easy import****
First, a report for generic DRAC info for a specific machine:
SELECT SystemName0, VersionString0, AccessInfo0, EnabledDefault0, EnabledState0
FROM v_GS_Dell_DRAC_Properties0
WHERE (AccessInfo0 <> '') AND (AccessInfo0 <> '') AND (AccessInfo0 <> '') AND (SystemName0 = @ComputerName)
Second, a report for generic DRAC info for all machines:select SystemName0, VersionString0, AccessInfo0, EnabledDefault0, EnabledState0 from v_GS_Dell_DRAC_Properties0
where AccessInfo0 <> '' and AccessInfo0 <> '' and AccessInfo0 <> ''
order by SystemName0

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