VMware ESXi Installation Error - Expecting 2 bootbanks, found 0

VMware ESXi Installation Error - Expecting 2 bootbanks, found 0

This wiki is authored by Kiran D and Krishnaprasad K from Dell Hypervisor Engineering team.

This wiki talks about a specific installation failure w.r.t VMware ESXi on an ISCSI target LUN.

Installation of VMware ESXi on an iSCSI remote LUN fails with an error "Expecting 2 bootbanks, found 0" as shown in the screenshot below.

Figure 1: VMware ESXi Installer


The issue occurs when the first NIC port available in the system is used for VMware ESXi iSCSI boot. ESXi by default uses the first NIC for the management network portgroup connected to vSwitch0.

At the last stage of install, ESXi tries to get a DHCP IP for the first NIC port. If the target is access restricted using the iSCSI initiator IP address, then the connection to the iSCSI LUN is broken once the NIC gets a different IP address from a DHCP server. The connection is broken due to loosing the iSCSI Boot Firmware Table (iBFT) information.

Though the installation is almost complete inspite of the failure, it's recommended to reinstall ESXi using one of the below workarounds listed.

There are two workarounds available to resolve this problem:-
  • If the first NIC to be used for management network as well as iSCSI boot, then change the access restriction used at the target side from the initiator IP address to IQN address.
  • Use a different NIC port for iSCSI boot other than first NIC port.

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