Linux FAQs

Linux FAQs

What is Linux?

From Linux is a Unix-like computer OS. The Linux® OS is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development; its underlying source code can be modified, used, and redistributed by anyone, freely.

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What Enterprise Linux distributions does Dell support on its line of Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers and Dell Precision™ workstations?

Dell™ PowerEdge™
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 6 x86 and x86_64
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5 x86 and x86_64
  • Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Linux 10 x86_64
  • Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Linux 11 x86_64
Dell Precision™
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 6 x86 and x86_64
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5 x86 and x86_64
Where can I get Linux support for my Dell hardware?

There are several support options for Linux issues. The official support page at is a great stopping point for answers to common issues and driver updates. In addition, you can contact support at 1-800-915-3355 if you have a support contract.

Other (unofficial) support venues available for Linux issues on Dell hardware are at and the different mailing lists at The content on these two sites is provided as is, without express or implied warranties of any kind.

What tools does Dell provide to monitor hardware on servers running either Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)?

Dell OpenManage™ Server Administrator (OMSA) software is the suite of tools provided by Dell for managing an individual server. See the official Dell OpenManage site for product information.

OMSA is included with the purchase of every new Dell PowerEdge server. It comes on a CD included in the server's cardboard box. Each new version of OMSA may also be downloaded from Search for files by description: "OpenManage Server Administrator Linux."

The Dell unofficial yum repository also carries OMSA to ease installation.

Why can't I find any information on Ubuntu on this site?

You can find information about Ubuntu on Dell desktops and laptops here. For Ubuntu on Dell PowerEdge servers, go here.

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