Blades White Papers and Third-Party Studies

Blades White Papers and Third-Party Studies

This is a linked list of Dell-produced white papers and third-party studies that highlight various aspects of Dell's blades, blade chassis, blade solutions, etc.

Featured Dell Blade Whitepapers

Feature Comparison Between the Dell PowerEdge M910 and HP ProLiant BL685c G7 Blade Servers (March 2011) - Explains advantages of Dell blade servers, such as Dual Internal SD cards, FlexMem Bridge technology, and higher Ethernet port count than comparable blade servers/chassis from HP.

Enhancing Scalability Through Network Interface Card Partitioning - Network interface card (NIC) partitioning (NPAR) can simplify end-to-end networking by dividing a network controller port into as many as four partitions, enabling dynamic allocation of bandwidth as needed and helping reduce total cost of ownership.

Connecting the Dell PowerEdge M1000e to a Cisco SAN Fabric - Leverage industry standard N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) to connect a Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Enclosure to a Cisco Fibre Channel fabric.

M1000e Blade Enclosure Architecture
M1000e 10Gbps using AMCC solution - white paper highlighting the 40Gbps per port capabilities of the M1000e midplane
Thermal Design of Dell PowerEdge M-Series
M-Series Blades + Dell|EMC CX4 for Oracle and MS Exchange - new features, architectural benefits, sample configurations
Memory Configuration for 11G Servers - considerations for DDR3 memory configurations with Intel 5500-series-based servers (including M610, M710)


SPECpower_ssj2008 Performance & Power of Dell, HP, and IBM Blade Solutions - compares apples-to-apples Dell, HP, and IBM Westmere half-height blades (August 2010)

Blade TCO Comparison - TCO comparison of Dell half-height blades versus HP and IBM equivalents (October 2008)

Out-of-Box Comparison Between Dell, HP, and IBM Blade Servers - (December 2007)

SPECjbb2005 Performance & Power of 4-Socket Blades - compares apples-to-apples Dell, HP, and IBM four-socket blades (October 2008)

SPECjbb2005 Performance & Power of 2-Socket Blades - compares apples-to-apples Dell, HP, and IBM two-socket Intel 5300-series-based blades (December 2007)

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