Following the highly successful launch of the PowerEdge M Series, Dell continues to add to its blade portfolio by launching a new software tool for chassis enabled persistent identity called FlexAddress.

The launch of Dell’s patent pending FlexAddress technology allows any M-Series blade enclosure to lock the World Wide Name (WWN) of the Fibre Channel controller and Media Access Control (MAC) of the Ethernet and iSCSI controller into a blade slot, instead of to the blade’s hardware as was done in the past. By removing the network and storage identity from the server hardware, customers are now able to upgrade and replace components or the entire server without changing the identity on the network.

With CMC 3.0 FlexAddress was updated to 2.0 and was renamed FlexAddress Plus which contains 60 MAC addresses per Fabric instead of 4 that FlexAddress provided. This change was needed to handle some hardware configurations possible with the (then) new M710HD blade server.

Dell Blade FlexAddress WhitePaper - Technical details on configuration.
Dell CMC Users Guide<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>- contains detailed information about FlexAddress and FlexAddress Plus


This shows the Chassis-Assigned MACs and WWNs using FlexAddress.


Figure 1: Chassis Management Controller

As you can see in the screenshots below, the MACs and WWNs are transparently assigned to the system.


Figure 2: iDRAC View


Figure 3: iDRAC View


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