Blade Power Monitoring with ITA

Blade Power Monitoring with ITA

Update 12/5/2011 - ITA has been improved and replaced by the Dell OpenManage Essentials Console.

Here are some screen shots using ITA version 8.1.1, that ships as part of Dell OpenManage 5.3.1, to monitor the power consumption of an M600 blade in a chassis.

This first screen shows where you select the Performance and Power Monitoring section for ITA.

Figure 1: Performance and Power Monitoring

This shows the attributes you can select for monitoring after creating the task.

Figure 2: Attributes

This is the execution log that is seen as the task is running. Good for troubleshooting purposes as the data is not getting collected.

Figure 3: Performance and Power Monitoring

If you right-click on the device name in the screen above, you get the option to view the chart. This shows the chart a few minutes after I've kicked off a CPU burn-in utility. Please note, the values seen below are not indicative of any real workload on the server. You can also see the Warning (yellow line) and Critical (red line) Thresholds that I set when creating the task.

Figure 4: Performance and Power Counter

This is the chart a few minutes later after I've ramped down the CPU burn-in utility.

Figure 5: Performance and Power Counter Values

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