Best Practice: Direct Access to Dell Cloud (Cloud Management Console Customers)

Best Practice: Direct Access to Dell Cloud (Cloud Management Console Customers)

What it’s about:

It is recommended that you set up at least one local account when you activate your service.

The Cloud Management Console provides easy access to your Dell Cloud environment with a URL that signs you in automatically. There is also the flexibility to access your vOrg directly.

The single sign-on account created when you set up your vOrg established an Administrator role in Dell Cloud is an LDAP user type. To enable direct access, you will need to create a local user type and copy and save the vOrg URL. It takes just a few minutes to set up.

What you need to keep in mind:

  • The URL used for the direct method is different from the one in the Cloud Management Console. You will not be able to log into your vOrg directly using Cloud Management Console URL.
  • When you add the local account, the Cloud Management Console discovers the user and attempts to import it into the Console’s user account list. The local account user will receive an email that requests that he/she complete the setup. Advise the local user to disregard this request. The user account is local or LDAP; it cannot be both.
  • If you want all users to have access to both the vOrg via the Cloud Management Console and direct via URL, you will need to create local user accounts for each. The user name must be different. For example, the LDAP user name may be Sue_Jones and the direct user ID could be Sue_Jones1.
  • If you also use SecureCloud you must set up a local account and use it when you run the SecureCloud Configuration tool.

To set up local accounts, use the following procedure:

  • Access your vOrg through the Cloud Management Console URL.
  • Click the Administration tab.
  • Select Users under Members. Notice your LDAP user account type.

Dell Cloud
Figure 1: Dell Cloud
  • Click the New User button.

Figure 2: New User
  • Complete the New User window.

Dell Cloud
Figure 3: New User Window
  • Click OK. Note the local user account type.

Figure 4: Local User Account

To verify direct access, use the following procedure:

  • Select General under Settings.
  • Highlight the URL under Default organization URL.
  • Copy and paste it to your browser address and save it as a favorite.

Dell Cloud
Figure 5: Test Dell Cloud
  • Press Enter.
  • Log in to vCloud using the local account credentials.

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