SNMP Parameters Configuration script for Dell iDRACs

SNMP Parameters Configuration script for Dell iDRACs

This Perl based command line script can be used to configure the SNMP parameters for multiple iDRACs (Dell 12th and later generation of PowerEdge Servers) so that the Dell Servers can be discovered and monitored using variety of console through SNMP protocol.

The SNMP parameters that can be configured using this script are:
  • SNMP Agent Version
  • SNMP Agent Port
  • SNMP Agent Community String
  • SNMP Trap Destination IP
  • SNMP Trap Port
  • SNMP Trap Format
This script automatically enables the "SNMP Agent" and "SNMP Trap Destination" based on the parameters used. Following prerequisites should be met for executing this script:
  • Perl version 5.8.8 or later is installed.
  • The Net::IP Perl module is installed.
  • Remote RACADM utility is installed.
To use this script:
  • Download and extract the file to a directory on the local disk.
  • Go through the "README" that is packaged with this script.
  • Execute the command with required command line parameters.

Command Format:

perl -U <User Name> -P <Password> -H <host IP Address> | -F <IP Address list file> [-V <SNMP protocol version>] [-C <SNMP Community String>] [-ap <SNMP agent port number>] [-tp <SNMP trap port>] [-td <IP Address of trap destination>] [-i <Index value for trap destination>] [-tf <SNMP trap format>] [-f]

Available Options:

Options Particulars
-h, --help Display help text
-U, --username idrac login user name
-P, --password idrac login password
-H, --host Host IP address or FQDN name
-F, --filewithiplist ile with absolute path containing list of newline separated IP address or FQDN names
-V, --version SNMP protocol version. Allowed options: 0(All SNMP v1/v2/v3) and 1(SNMP v3)
-C, --community SNMP Community String
-ap, --agentport SNMP Agent port
-td, --destaddress IP Address of the SNMP trap destination
-i, --trapdestindex Index value for trap destination table, Use "-I" along with option "-td" and "-f"
-tp, --alertport SNMP Trap port
-tf, --trapformat Specifies the SNMP Trap format. Allowed options: 0(SNMP v1) and 1(SNMP v2)
-f, --force Force set SNMP configuration without prompting administrator choice

Table 1: Command Format
Note: SNMP Trap Port and SNMP Agent Port should have different values.

Known Issues & Resolutions:

  • "No free trap destination found" error is displayed for "-F" & "-H" option even if there are free index available in iDRAC for setting trap destination.

Resolution: Ensure that you have installed RACADM properly. The RPM "srvadmin-idracadm7" should be installed at the end.

Script Download

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